Instagram Remix Reels: How To Create Remix Reels On Instagram

insatgram remix reels
Istanbul, Turkey - December 15, 2018: Person holding a brand new Apple iPhone X with Instagram profile on the screen. Instagram is an online mobile social networking service, launched in October 2010.

If you are addicted to social media like TikTok, Snapchat you should know what remix reels are all about. But if you don’t still you should because the features or tools to make use of
such a tool on your social media are now available on Instagram that was just introduced. 

The Instagram updated version now comes with a remix option that can be found on reels
which are officially available for both android and iOS user’s which has related features with
that of tool or features called duets on TikTok which allows its users to create their own reels
for themselves. 

What Are Instagram Remix Reels? 

We all know what Instagram is which is a social media that allows its users to interact and
share images and videos with their followers and also engage in conversation using the chat
tabs with some other features which make us have remix reels. 

It’s two things involved which entail remix and reels. Remix on reels is specially designed to
make people interact with each other on reels certainly which allows them to create their own and share with friends. 

The remix features are now on Instagram which makes us call it Instagram remix reels which
the features are enabled automatically by default for any new reels you wish to create. 

If you are familiar with TikTok then you should know about tiktok duets which are served as
Instagram remix on reels. That makes most people think and bring about that it’s a feature
that already exists on tiktok which makes instagram allow such features. 

How To Enable Remix On Real 

The new remix features are being applied by default which you will need to enable the new
remix on real by enabling it on the reals section and clicking on the three dots that you will
now find the enable remixing option menu there ready to be enabled. 

Some applicable if you wish to remix your friend’s reels then you will have to ask him/her to
enable remixing using the same processes you use above. That will allow you to remix that your friend reels. 

Remix features can also be turned off which enables its users to do that in real settings just by
switching it off at any time you feel like. 

If you enable anyone to create your own reels then you have full control of that, in such a way
you can allow them to create or not only the starter account that came with the default features
that enable all public profiles to remix your reels. 

It’s being enabled to help other people understand the usage and how they can create one for more explanation. 

How To Create A Remix Reel On Instagram 

  • You can simply create any remix for real by finding the reel you will like to remix. 
  • Look around any reel you select to remix and tab on the three-dot on any remix. 
  • On the three-dot menu select the option name Remix the reel. 
  • Which will direct you to a page that will allow your screen to split into two. 
  • In the form of a grid that provides one page with a new reel and the other page with the old reel respectively. 
  • You can now start recording to create your own reel as you record you will be provided with your original reel alongside. 
  • After the recording process is done you can now add more features to the reel you just create such as changing of volume. 
  • And some other features like adding voiceover to the audio and more. 
  • This can be done by tapping on the icon located at the top side of the remix page which provides you with the voiceover features using the microphones icon. 
  • You can now save the remix once you are done and share it with others. 

Have you been able to remix reels on your Instagram? 

Let us know and remember to share your awesome reels you remix with us. 

Our telegram channel is open for fast updates. 


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