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How To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating On You On WhatsApp 

WhatsApp messenger is one of the biggest platform which most people make use of mostly in Nigeria to seed tons of messages within some seconds, this make it to get many people attention which most people makes use of it to send tons of message to there lovers, partners likewise side chicks lol, Sorry if the last word I halter seems somehow.

As you all know most people make use of whatsapp nowadays to cheat, what I mean by that is sending some love messages to each other where their lover’s will be around or even in their present.

We look around with some intensive research so that you can now have an alternative way to monitor year relationships if it is legit or not. I mean if you or the person you call your lover is not cheating on you lol, just like anti spy.

Truly the method we are about to share with you on the WhatsApp trick will seem as if you are spying on your target which might be your lover or side chick so we will first provide you
with the requirements before you will Go further you can check on it out below.

So if you are doubting your spouse, partner or your friends are acting  suspicious no worries with this simple steps,  you will be able to spy on them

And if you don’t understand anything please you can mail us or ask any questions in the comment box,  we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Any Electronic Device ( Phone or Pc ).
  • The device must be capable of browsing whatsapp.
  • Users must have access to his/her target.
  • Browsers might be needed.
  • The target and the user’s phone must be present.
  • Data connection is needed.
  • Device must have a good camera
  • That’s all for now.

As we said earlier is not something or tricks that are hard is something that you can do yourself that does not require and hard techniques just stick with us and you will get the full trick on
how to get the WhatsApp spy trick work for you.

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The method we are about to share with you works for phone Example IOS devices, Android. It will be hard for you if you don’t have related device, it also work mainly for PC user’s too
since whatsapp can be make used of on both phone and laptops maybe through by
installing the WhatsApp on your laptop or pc and scan the whatsapp with your phone web or you make use if the method we make use of steady through same related emulator like
Memu play, Bluestack, Nox Player and more if you will like to get some related emulator you can click here to get one.

Haven gotten the requirements we move to how you can get the whatsapp spy trick activated, the trick work like whenever your target us making use of his/her WhatsApp you will be able
to go through the messages on your own device without your target notice let see it below:

After you have gotten the requirements as stated above.

We go for the unique method first which makes you reach your lover or partner message view pc. We will still deal with the ways on how you can read your partner WhatsApp message too
on a phone device but we will first go for pc.

How To Read Your Lover or Partner Whatsapp Message View Pc

  1. First download WhatsApp Software for your Pc.
  2. You can get one directly from here.
  3. After successful download and installation.
  4. Open the whatsapp App that was installed on your pc.
  5. Alternative way if you don’t like to download or you don’t have enough data to get the
    Software  downloaded (WhatsApp Software)
  6. Just go straight to your browser Example Chrome browser on your Pc.
  7. Visit this website or web page here:
  8. After the site is completely loaded you will see some related pages
    as shown in the screenshots below.
    whatsapp web scanner
  9. The contain some QR Code for scanning.
  10. Now Goto your target device and open his/her WhatsApp app.
  11. Switch to setting on the app or or other device you might see directly A Menu Called Whatsapp web.
  12. Click on it then a page will be loaded ready for scanning.
  13. Just Scan the QR code provided on your Pc.

Let it scan completely after that whenever your partner or lover is making use of his/whatsapp you will be notified  of that from there you start getting full control of the whatsapp chat and
other stuff as he/she does too cool right?.

Now we move to a method we will make use of through our phone devices like Android or IOS. Although the methods are some kind if related to the method we make use of on pc but let still talk about it, Since we have said it earlier that you have to have access to your partner, lover or
target device no need to bring assault that you need a way that you don’t need or have access to your partner device.

How To Read Your Partner WhatsApp Message/Chat On Phone Device

  1. Goto your phone device Android, IOS Or window phone.
  2. Locate your phone browsers, Chrome Browser ia recommend.
  3. Visit the website as stated above or see it here:
  4. A web page related to the screenshot in method one will be displayed on the web page.
  5. Now locate your target phone using the same method.
  6. And still scan the Qr Code that was provided on your own phone from the web page.Incase you were nor provided with a QR Code scanner on your or main device.
  7. Just Goto the browser you are making use of.
  8. On the menu bar click on the menu option button it looks like three dots at the left Corner of the browser menu.
  9. After you have clicked on it you will be provided with some option menu tags.
  10. Locate the option for Switch To Desktop Mode
  11. Tick On it And wait For your Browser to Reload.
  12. That all you can now scan your target phone with the QR Code Provide on your phone web browser.

You now share WhatsApp chat with your partner, you have control of the WhatsApp chat too, whenever any command is implemented by HiM/Her you will also be updated on that.

Note: Latest Operating Systems for Phone devices like Android and IOS always bring notification to phones whenever they are connected on the web, So if it seems your target is making use of some related latest phone He Or She might be Notified Which might cast what you are trying to do.

If that turns out to be like that you can stay tuned with us by joining our telegram channel here and wait for other related methods that we might share soon on the same aspect.

Were you able to get the truth or to know who your partner was?

Let know that the view the comment box always supports and shares us as you always do.

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