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How to Activate Mtn 1.5GB for 400 Data Plan Tricks

Mtn 1.5GB for 400


Mtn 1.5GB for 400
As you all know that MTN has been dispensing out data to their costumers and most of their active users,
which includes most awoof plans dished out by MTN  network service providers.

Like if you check MTN data plan service of 1.5GB on their data plan dashboard you will find it that they offer their 1.5GB Data at the rate of 1000 as Stated in the screenshot below. 

Mtn 1.5GB for 400

This 1.5GB data plan that you see at this whooping 1000 naira is something you can actually get for just 400 naira and believe me when I say 400 naira.

But in this article I will show you or lead you through the way or likely trick on how you can get this 1.5GB for just 400 naira.

Sounds Awesome?
You might actually think it not possible just follow up to be able to grab your own 1.5G for just 400 naira.

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The data is valid for 7 days and it works on all kinds of browsing or internet access phone without any restrictions which does not required any VPN to power up the data

So that it can work for all your apps and no, there is no need of VPN for the data.
You just have to follow the trick gradually carefully and grab your 1.5GB data. 


How to Activate MTN 1.5GB For 400

Precautions : fellow the steps below to get it done. 

Note that the 75MB data plan works on eligible SIM.
If you are eligible, you can continue to use this plan of 1.5GB data till you are tired.

Firstly Remember the MTN 75MB for just N20 only.
It’s  the data plan that is needed to make these trick work-out for us. 



1: For Activation process , just dial *131*10# and reply with 1 or 2 for the successful activation of the 75MB for N20 data plan.
Has Shown Below screen. 

2: All you have to do now is to keep activating the data 75MB data plan until you reach twenty times.
And you will get 1.5GB as you have just spent 400 in the activation.

 3: After The Activation process is successful,
Then you can check your data balance by dialling *131*4# and you will see your 1.5GB on your data plan subscribed to dashboard.

has wee said earlier It valid for 7 days (a week).


Conclusion On These Data Plan (Mtn 1.5GB)

  • These trick work out has we have run several test on it  before we make these post or article published
  • So no doubt about these works and it will surely work for you if you are eligible for the 75MB for N20.
  • Don’t mind the word eligible, just go straight and try it out (Activation of Mtn 1.5GB for 400),you are having any questions regarding the post?
    just go straight to the comment box and state your questions there for we are online 24/7 to bring questions reply to you

always come back for more related posts.

Does this trick still work on MTN sims? 1.5GB For N400

Since everything has limit, we don’t guarantee you that this is still working since MTN has stopped these N20 plan more or less, you can’t activate these plan without the plan of N20
So seems it is not working again but may still work for some selected sim. You can try it on your sim if it will work for you and enjoy.

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This post was last edited on: 20/07/2019

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