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Fifa 23 Mod Apk OBB Data Download (Fifa 2023 Mobile) Offline 

Fifa 23 Mod Apk OBB Data Download

On this particular page, if you are able to get what you want, that is if you have been searching for where to Download FIFA 23 mod APK OBB data file offline mode original then here is the rightful place. 

This particular game can also be referred to as FIFA 2023 mobile APK OBB data that comes along with a career mode that you would like to see on your game. 

Apart from the Quran section, this game has the updated features that you will find on any Fifa 23 mod APK which you should be able to play around with the game with the best graphic display follow up with the features of player transfer. 

This FIFA mobile mod APK is designed to be the original version that has been developed through the access of EA Sports and how’s latest features of player transfer to 22 the three complete features to control the managing mode. 

Which can also allow you to engage in all the tournaments on your mobile device like the UEFA Champions League football game. 

This particular one or particular FIFA mobile game you are about to download is the FIFA 23 mode original which is the modified version that has been molded and comes with all the related highlights, the data, and OBB file. 

Apart from all the features that will fail to mention which we are still going to mention again you should know that this FIFA game also comes with the latest kits for every team.

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And the gameplay of this particular game is not left aside which is also some kind of features you should look into. 

Fifa 23 Mod

We already have a different kind of attitude on her blog that talks about FIFA 23 mobile, with this particular one seeming to be the main one and there is a reason live is being tagged as FIFA 23 mod APK OBB and data file. 

You might also come across some other games like FIFA 23 Mod 16 and FIFA 14 Mod 23 in a respectful way. 

So it’s better to have it at the back of your mind that these games are different and are all different categories. 

This particular FIFA 23 mod apk is designed to be an offline game that also comes with some other features that should be seen on the latest version of FIFA mobile 2023 game like the multiplayer mode and career mode which most people search for the major league. 

This particular version of the game FIFA 2023 is the one that should be tagged as the game that is the best HD high-definition soccer game that has been designed for mobile smartphones like Android. 

That comes with a newer player kit and the player transfer is updated to the latest 2023.

So you don’t need to worry anymore about the latest player transfer that has occurred this season in the transfer market. 

Features Of Fifa 23 Mod Apk OBB Data

You should see the following features that we have been making mention of in your game as follows. 

  • The game is designed with the multiplayer mode features. 
  • Different kinds of tournaments. 
  • To be engaged with different kinds of football leagues. 
  • Amazing gameplay. 
  • Best graphics with stunning visualization. 
  • Modified versions can be provided with unlimited coins. 
  • Designed to be played fully offline without the internet. 
  • FIFA 23 hack which gives access to all in-app purchases. 
  • FIFA 23 mod is fully unlocked without any license to be purchased. 

Is better to create another section so as to make you know what you did on the modified version of this FIFA 2023 mod APK. 

Fifa 23 Mod Features 

  • Contains all player mode
  • Manager Mode is enabled. 
  • Engage in different kinds of tournaments. 
  • Cup matches Ultimate Team and quick match. 
  • Having access to a Fifpro license. 
  • Full player transfer within each team. 
  • Updated kits 22023.

You’re going to see all the related features once you download the game and install it for your favorite device which comes along with the APK OBB and data file that has been designed to be played offline for Android-related devices. 

Download Fifa 23 Mod Apk OBB Data Offline (Fifa Mobile 2023)

This particular download section comprises three download links that can be gotten from the download page. Does downloading house different kinds of like the obb data file and the main apk offline

It has been followed all with the password which is also provided with an alternative download link. 

And you can pick from which one you wish to download. 

But before that, it is better to know some requirements of the game so as to know what you are jumping on. 


  • Your Android device should have at least 2 GB RAM or more. 
  • The internal storage of up to 4 GB or more. 
  • Your Android operating system should be running 7.0 or more. 

For you to enjoy the day it is better to get a higher-performance device so as to make everything more smoothly when playing the game FIFA 2023.

App NameFifa 23 
Type Soccer Game
List Of FileOriginal Apk, OBB & Data
ModeOffline Mode
ModModified version 

Download Now

Graphics Display

Fifa 23 Mod Apk OBB Data PS5 Best Graphics

On the download page will also be provided with the English commentary side which can help you to select which language commentary you want to activate for your game. 

Is also better to know how you can activate the community fifa 23 mod or your FIFA mobile 2023 game. 

How To Enable English Commentary 

To enable English commentary on your FIFA 2023 game all you need to do is to follow the steps below. 

  • Once you install a game. 
  • Go to the game settings and select audio. 
  • Then select speech and over to the preferred language. 
  • From there you cannot click on the download commentary button. 

Which airline you can now select on the file or English commentary file you are downloading.

How To Install Fifa 23 Mod 

  • Mobile File extractor should have been installed on your device already (Zarchiver Recommended) 
  • Download all files from the above download link (Apk, OBB, and Data File) 
  • Use the file extractor to extract all files you download. 
  • Should be decompressed from a zip file to a normal folder file. 
  • After that is done the OBB file that you extract should be moved to the Android/OBB folder. 
  • And the data file should also be moved to the Android/Data folder. 
  • Head straight to the apk file and click on it to install it. 
  • Once the installation is completed you can now open the game. 

Start playing it which should be provided as an offline game that has been fully modified, we’ve created an article on how to install save data files before. 

You can make use of it to install the game completely if you are still confused by the guidelines that we’ve shared with you already. 

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You can also check here to see all fifa related games that are available on our blog alitech.

Button Line

We hope you have been able to download and install the game fifa 23 mod apk that comes with other files like OBB, Data files, and English commentary.  If so, share the experience you have with the game below, and also check back for more fifa mobile games. 


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  1. Please help me out, after downloading it says;

    OBB FIFA 16 MOD 24.rar
    1 Can not open /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.telegram.messenger/files/Telegram/Telegram Files/OBB FIFA 16 MOD 24.rar
    2 Permission denied

  2. Please after downloading, it’s saying “operation completed with errors, access denied”. Please what can I do?

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