Bundle Africa Complete Review And Payment Methods

Bundle Africa

Bundle Africa said to be a platform that was established early April and made a lot of people participate in their referral program which when everyone does they thought the platform seems to be a scam platform that they don’t indeed think is real and legit. 


The platform involves different kinds of currency that are money transactions that you can use the platform
called bundle Africa make transactions through the bundle Africa app to make payment and transfer money or
cryptocurrency to people with Africa yes Africa, let check about what is all about. 


What Is Bundle Africa? 

Bundle Africa is a platform that involves currency exchange in different kinds of currency either in money or
crypto exchange, that can be transferred to anyone with the African. 


The transactions are done through the app which tends to be a social payment app that you can use to transfer money that is cash or crypto to anyone. 


Let check out how to bundle Africa operate  


How Bundle Africa Operate


The platform knows as bundle Africa opera with cash and cryptocurrency in different ways which are listed below:


  • It can be used to send cash or crypto to any phone number in Nigeria for FREE, even if they are not on Bundle Africa.
  • They are also capable of requesting cash or crypto from your friends on Bundle. No more audio money that does not extract charges for that.
  • Crypto can be bought and sold instantly, to be bought as little as ₦500 worth of BNB, BTC, and ETH.
  • Users can withdraw and deposit crypto easily on Bundle is secure and safe 100% with the bundle Africa app.

As of the last two months towards the middle of April, they launched their referral program and many people
participate in the program but most people do not know they did let check how their referral program works
before we go further. 


How Bundle Africa Referral Program Works 


Bundle Africa has several stages of referral which are listed below :


  1. When you referral50 friends to bundle You get paid N2,000 every month for 6 months (this is the equivalent of at least 4.5 GB per month).
  2. You invite 25 Friends and you get 2 Cinema Tickets for 3 months (which is equivalent to NGN 9,000).
  3. And 10 friends give NGN 3,000 airtime (equivalent to NGN 3,000).
  4. Lastly 5 friends give 1.5GB (equivalent to NGN1,000).

So we distributed the referral program to people that are available on our telegram channel or let just said we
inform them about the platform which some did and some disregard it let check it out below 


According To Alitech Class On Telegram Channel About Bundle Africa 

So as you can see everything is still stated as it so just follows the steps to join, follow the referral link directly to join. But


Note: We actually don’t know if the referral program is still available because people that
did it earlier were just mailed about how to get their reward per person they referral as
stated above and they don’t make mention if the referral system is still available so you
can confirm that yourself by joining if you feel like. 


I suddenly got a mail from them which I disregard all about bundle Africa, but I was stated as one of their major
and top winner of the referral programs which they promise to be paying me 2000 monthly for good 6months
equivalent to 4.5GB worth of data but they are several things to note before the reward can be redeemed, don’t
lose courage yet it’s easy peasy stuff let proceed. 

Bundle Africa referral

How To Get Your Payment On Bundle Africa


To get your payment on bundle Africa you must follow and note some step listed below :


  • Firstly they claim you must download their app that uses the Africa app and install it on your device then registers before you can get your reward.
  • Secondly it was stated on the mail that when registering you must register with the same mail address which you use to participate in the referral program for them to know you are the one.
  • Thirdly, they also stated that payment will be made every Monday of the week, in that same month which you were mailed about your reward, so you must have your account signed up on the app before the payment day. 

Bundle Africa mail box

That is all about the payment method now we move straight and show you some clues about the registration process. 


How To Register On Bundle Africa 


  1. To register on bundle Africa, first, click here to download the app or get it straight from our telegram channel.
  2. After successful download and installation from the play store go ahead and signup.
    Bundle Africa app on play store
  3. By inputting your phone number, A verification code will be sent to the number. Input the code and continue.
    Bundle Africa activation code
  4. Continue with the next step, later on, you will be asked about your mail, provide them with the mail as stated above.
  5. Set your password to include character, number, and special key.
  6. Then continue, by doing this you have successfully signed up to the bundle Africa app.
  7. What else is to visit your mail, verify your mail and come to the account.
  8. Upgrade your account from zero to two KYC by providing some personal info and your BVN ( Bank Verification Number)

Then that all,  your account has been opened and your fund from the reward will be credited to your account on Monday by their payment agency. 




Is the Bundle Africa Referral program still available?

That the question we can't answer for now because they don't specify that it's still available on the mails that were delivered to us, we were just told to keep telling people about the platform.

Can I withdraw my fund as crypto on bundle Africa?

Definitely the answer is yes because the platform also deals with cryptocurrency transactions.

How do I know about how the referral program goes?

The question has already been answered above. You can view it and review the post again to see and learn more about their referral.

Can I see some payment proof for the previous payment?

Definitely yes it will be provided below after the question and answer tap check out yourself.

The bundle Africa referral program still on?

that's a great question, to our own review the referral program of the bundle Africa is closed


Payment Proof From Bundle Africa 


We got the proof from one of our followers on telegram so check and review it on your own. 

Does it seem to have provided you guys with every single thing you need to know about bundle Africa? 


Ok, if so kindly do and share this article with your friends that still need more clarification about the platform. 


Our telegram channel is open for fast updates on our latest post good luck, for now, to stay safe. 



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