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9mobile Night Plan Code And Activation Process

9mobile night plan code

Most people find it difficult to activate some subscriptions on their network provider because they have to pass through some processes before they can get their plan or the plan they want to go for activated; just like what we are about to talk about now which is the 9mobile night plan activation. It is obvious that most people don’t know that 9mobile has this type of plan. In this article we will be discussing how to get this night browsing 9mobile night plan code and how you can activate the night plan

9mobile Night plan is a plan that most users will enjoy. In this article you will learn everything about 9mobile night plan and how to get 9mobile night plan code, and you will also get the full activation process of getting 9mobile night plan. To activate, just try to stick with us till the end of this article. As you know, Alitech always brings you the best out of the best when it has to do with Nigerian Network providers. 

Before we go further let’s put something into consideration and to also know the features of these plan (9mobile Night plan). 

Features Of 9mobile Night Plan

9mobile have recently introduced the night plan packages to ensure that it’s customers get the satisfaction that comes with most night plans. Night plans are not very costly, and some people who can’t afford to keep up with the regular packages actually settle for the night plans. The features of the night plan are listed below :

  • You have to be on 9mobile MoreCliq before you can go for this plan. 
  • It’s Likely a New Sim will be needed. 
  • The plan spans for a duration 5 hours which lasts from 12am to 5am only. 
  • It expires immediately after 5am, it cannot be used during the day time. 
  • 9mobile customers on MoreCliq plan are active to make use of the plan. 
  • There is 1GB plan for night is cheap.

Now that we have known the features let’s get to the main point of getting the code 9mobile night plan code the activation process. 

9mobile Night Plan Code 

The code is not something that is hard but you just have to remember that you have to be on plan called
9mobile Morecliq just like
mtn which if you want to subscribe for their night plan you must be on there plan too
called Mtn Pulse 9mobile Night plan code is State below:

We are going to list just Two codes here for N50 And N200 plan see below

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  • 9mobile N50 Night plan code : *229*10*10#

  • 9mobile N200 Night plan code: *229*3*11#

Dial Both on your phone is will give you option that you want although you can still find other plan available when you dial these two code on you phone dial pad.
Since we said you have to be on 9mobile plan called MoreCliq you might be panicking of how you can migrate to the plan
don’t worry we will show you how you can migrate to the plan view the activation process let go stick with us till the end. 

9mobile Night Plan Activation Process 

Since you have know the requirements for these plans now we will just
go straight on how you can get activation to the plan (9mobile night plan) 

  1. Migrate to 9mobile MoreCliq By dialling
    *244*1# but first go to your phone dial pad  and
    dial 200 and press 2 to listen to 9mobile existing packages and tariff plan.
  2. Now that you have migrate to 9mobile MoreCliq
    go straight and fetch the code that will list above I mean the
    9mobile night plan codes that was listed above.
  3. Select any one you wish to go for
    either for 500MB or 1GB the N50 plan is for 500MB and 200 plan is for 1GB
    so choose the code you want and subscribe.
  4. Has we said earlier the plan is available for usage from 12am to 5am in the morning that all. 

Banger you have successfully activate you night plan you can then use it to download movies that are giving you sleepless nights or files enjoy. 

Don’t hesitate to drop a comment it means a lot to us enjoy downloading and streaming online don’t see forget to join our channel

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