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9mobile Activation Of 1GB for 200 and 5GB For 1000

9mobile 1GB for 200

9mobile is part and also one of the network in Nigeria that seems to have speed in terms of browsing and other stuff like call, but as you all know everything that has advantage also sometimes has disadvantage, one if there advantage have been stated above some of disadvantage was there data plan barely last which is bad, nevertheless we still got you covered with one of their cheap data plan 9mobile 1GB for 200 seems to be cheap and affordable. 

This 9mobile data plan it kind of related to the mtn 1.5GB for 300 which we discuss about some days ago you can check out the full discuss here, but it just seems to be a slighter different because the mtn plan is available for there active users that is the plan might not be available for inactive users. 

How To Activate 9mobile 1GB for N200 and 5GB For N1000

Although this 9mobileb1GBbfor 200 does not work for all 9mobile sims, it has been tested to work for most, so what are you still waiting for, go now and get or
find your 9mobile sim that you have abandoned for long and let get this plan activated 9mobile 1GB for 200 before that not one thing that if you pick up your 9mobile that you have make use of for quite long and
make recharge of airtime on it, the airtime will be automatically converted to bonus which is called
9mobile welcome back bonus, yes welcome back bonus

To get your airtime back just call 9mobile customers care by dialling 200 on your phone explain to them
about what happens and your Airtime will be refunded back to your line or sim just for a few minutes. 

As you can see this article targets two things: activation of 9mobile 1GB for 200 and 5GB for 1000, But we
choose to focus on this one aspect only, no not that is just that we take it right from the main source to
the distributors you will know what I met by that soon. 

Now we switch to the main discussion on how you can get the plans activated 9bmobile 1GB for N200 and 5GB for N500.

How To Activate 9mobile 1GB for 200 

  1. Go straight to your phone and dial *929*10#9mobile 1GB for 200
  2. Before you dial the code make sure you have the airtime load on your sim.
  3. Send the code and your 9mobile line will be loaded with 1GB data.
  4. Which seems you have activated the plan.
  5. Remember to disable auto renew method if it is not recommended. 
  6. It’s important to note that the data plan only lasts for 3 days so you should consume it as fast as possible before it expires.

Now we move to how we can now activate the 5GB for N1000

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How To Activate 9mobile 5GB For 1000

The method that we are going to use to activate this plan is related to the method I called:
Accumulation Method

Which seems we make use of the first method stated above to get things done here. 

  1. To Activate 9mobile 5G for N1000 just
  2. Dial same code provided about *929*10#
  3. Make sure you have loaded the airtime worth of 1000 on your line.
  4. The first one you dial 200 will be deducted which is 1GB.
  5. Then keep dialing till it complete 1000
  6. Still note that all activation last for 3 days only after activation date, so be sure to consume all 5GB before 3 days expire.
Have you gotten the data plan of 5GB for just 1000 cheap or not? 

You see that why I made the statement accumulation method above and also the statement form the
main host to the distributors hope you get me right? 

I know you might have been asking yourself now how you can be able to check your data balance lol, don’t
panic for that let me land it actually what about to treat now. 

How To Check  Data Balance For 9mobile 1GB for 200 And 9mobile 5GB for 1000

  • To check you balance for you 9mobile data plan is it activated or not justdial *228#
  • And your data plan balance will be displayed when you view a pop-up message or text message.
  • That all, I hope I was able to provide you what you need if so let me know view the comments section. 

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related updates, thanks for your support though.

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