(4) Four Platforms That Can Help You Make Money Online In 2022 By Download Apps

four ways to make money online
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The first platform for today is called Now for those of you who don’t have PayPal available, you will love this platform but before I go ahead and show you that let’s First show off go over what you can do in order to get paid.

How To Make Money Online On Getpaidto

In the first place as you can see on the main page you can complete surveys, play games, which is precisely what we want and lastly, you can complete online offers. 

Out of all of these, playing and installing games is arguably the best and easiest one and also the most fun to have down here on getpaidto you’ll be able to see how this works you’ll obviously first play and install the apps you will then collect your points.


And by the way, they’ll also tell you how many points equals how many dollars so 5000 points are $1 anyhow once you accumulate a few thousand points you can exchange them for money to get paid, and Speaking of let’s cover that now since I did mention in a while. 

Payment Option On Getpaidto

If you come near the very bottom of the page you will see that this platform unlike the other offers far more payment options. You can get paid through bank transfer Skrill any cryptocurrencies you want whether it’s Bitcoin, ethereum and so on. They offer Amazon gift cards and they of course also offer PayPal All in all they do offer many different ways for you to get paid and that’s a really great feature of this platform now to get started making money  Playing games. 

How To Signup/Join Getpaidto 

What you need to do is come back up and then you want to click on join free today right there on the next page just entering your username password your email address your full name date of birth your country and by the way this site works in all of these different countries. 

It’s safe to say it’s nearly worldwide available in any case to finish the registration process just enter your city and zip code tick this box to agree to their terms, complete the captcha and click on complete registration down below. 

Make Money Online On ysense.Com

The next platform I have for you today is this one called This site, just like that previous one, has lots of ways for you to make money online. As you can see right there, they get paid for trying new products and services, downloading apps, signing up for websites, watching videos, and more. 

Earn money online on

So as you can see you can get paid by downloading different apps which in the end is what we’re going for now. Another way you can get paid with this platform is by referring people in this site who have great commissions for referrals just like that first platform as you can see you get paid 30% commissions.

which as was said before is far higher than most similar apps offer regardless though. 

How To Register On

In order to get started on making money with this platform, what you need to do is enter your email and password there on the registration or sign up page and click on Join Now.

How To Make Money Online On Prizerebel

This platform here guys offer great ways to make money online and it’s called Something I really love about this app that I feel is worth mentioning is that it pays instantly so you don’t have to wait around to get paid. 

make money online on Prizerebel

They will pay in many different ways as well. They offer PayPal obviously as we can see but apart from that, they have Amazon, visa, steam, and eBay as well which is really cool. 

If you scroll down a bit you will be able to see that some members of this site actually got some big rewards, as well as a person, got a TV. 

Obviously, you most likely won’t receive such rewards but it’s worth noting that there’s still a chance to do so which is a nice addition to this site too.

How To Join Prizerebel And Start Making Money Online 

Get started on making money with prizerebel just come back up and you can now either sign up through Facebook or just enter in all of your details there and click on start making money to create your brand new account.

How To Earn From Plugco

The last platform I will be going over today which is also the bonus platform for those of you who’ve stayed up and read this article to the end is called now right off the bat, I want to tell you that this site will not pay you by downloading games. 

how to earn from

Let’s make that clear right away but I would nevertheless recommend trying it out because as you can see on the main page people are making a lot of money with it. Someone made $200 along the way this works so that you will get paid by promoting apps. 

not installing them and whenever someone installs the app through your link you will get paid. It’s a really good idea to combine this app with the others to get paid.

passively because all you basically have to do is promote an app on your social media and your work from there is done now how much you’ll get paid does depend a lot on your social media following but even if you don’t have that many followers it’s still worth a try to use this app in order to get paid.

Video Tutorial

We will make a pause here to today’s article let us know your thoughts about all these earning apps and sites that have been listed above in the comments section. 


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