1DM+ Formerly IDM+ Torrent Video Downloader v15.2 beta 5 Download Patched + UltraLite + Xtended Free

1DM+ Formerly IDM+ 12.7

Are you looking for where to download 1DM+ formerly IDM+ specified for torrent video downloader and video download which came with patched and UltraLite and xtended then you are at the rightful place you will now be able to get the direct download link for the 1DM+ video torrent download 15.2 beta 5 patched + UltraLite + xtended free download and direct download link? 

IDM+ that is newly called 1DM+ is an advanced download manager for torrent videos and files that enable your torrent file or video to be downloaded in a faster mode without much stress. It’s an advanced download manager with 500% faster than other torrent download managers. 

About 1DM+ Formerly IDM+ Torrent Video Downloader

IDM+ is just downloading manager like ADM download manager but it’s designed to make torrent files and mostly videos to be download in favorable ways that support fast and speedable download that is up to 500% faster than other download managers that you know of this version of this 1DM+ is patched + UltraLite + xtended which mod version of IDM+ mod apk for free download. 

1DM+ supports the fastest or faster download for your torrent video and it’s one of the best torrent video managers out there. 

Features of 1DM+ Mod Apk Latest Version 

  • Folder patching is not needed which entails patching with lucky Patcher. 
  • No need to visit the Google play store once you get the mod version downloaded. 
  • Rooting the device before you access the apk does not need it again. 
  • Removal of all unwanted permission from the app has been done. 
  • Permanently disabled or receiving service providers have been disabled. 
  • Zip aligned graphics are optimized and the resources have been cleared for fast download. 
  • Contain no ads which have been removed and completely nulled. 
  • Checking of Google play store service package installation has been disabled from the 1DM+ mod apk. 
  • Was said debug code has been removed from the app. 
  • Update from the app has been removed. 
  • Firebase followed by analytics and crashlytics has been disabled. 
  • Promo VPN has been disabled. 
  • Compatible mod for AOSP. 
  • The language process is available on the latest version. 
  • As been optimized. 
  • Encrypted and fully mod by Balatan. 
  • Universal support features for the UltraLite apk. 
  • Torrent support has been removed on the UltraLite version of the mod apk. 
  • Adblock on xtended version. 
  • Adblock on ultraxtended. 

The features listed above contain the mod features for 1DM+ both for ultralite, xtended and Patched mod version of this apk which all are available for download on the download page. 

Download 1DM+ Formerly IDM+ V15.2 beta 5 Patched, Ultralite, Xtended

  • Different direct download links will be provided on the download page. 
  • Use the download page button to visit the download link. 
  • Select your choice to download and proceed with your installation using the guide on the download page. 
App name 1DM+ formerly IDM+
Type Mod Apk
Version  115.2 beta 5
Download size 5 to 20 MB
Alternative  Patched + ultralite + xtended 


1DM+ Formerly IDM+ Torrent Video Downloader v12.7

All the mod apk of the 1dm+ video torrent has been stated on the download page visit to get your torrent video download manager downloaded and installed on your device for fast torrent file fast download features and more.

Download 1DM+ 15.2

1DM+ 15.2 beta 5 Apk

Download 1DM+ 14.0.1 Arm64

1DM+ 15.2 beta 5 Arm64 Apk

Download 1DM+ 14.0.1

1DM+ 14.1 beta 5 Apk

Download 1DM+ 14.0.1 Arm64

1DM+ 14.1 beta 5 Arm64 Apk

Download 1DM+ 14.0.1

1DM+ 14.0.1

Download 1DM+ 14.0.1 Arm64

1DM+ 14.0.1 Arm64


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