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Spotify Premium Apk (Mod Unlocked)

Spotify premium apk

Spotify premium offers some exclusive features you can’t find on your free Spotify. Today we’ll let you get this Spotify features all for free with the Spotify premium apk. You can download it from the link we provided below.

Spotify premium apk

Spotify is a music platform where you can get almost any kind of music you want. If you’re a huge fan of music then, Spotify is a platform that shouldn’t be missing from your source. Spotify is sometimes regarded as having the biggest collection of music. Almost any type of music you want can be found on Spotify.

Spotify has grown over the years to compete with huge platforms like iTunes, SoundCloud, etc.. Spotify is free but you have to be subscribed to the premium plan to enjoy certain features on the app. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to subscribe to this plan. That’s why you’re probably looking for a solution or alternative, right?. The Spotify premium apk is a mod version that allows you to access the paid feature of the premium plan all for free (although, not all the features can be accessed as some features are cloud base) but features like ads free, unlimited shuffle, high quality can be accessed on the app. Also, this version lets you access Spotify no matter what region you’re from. We’re aware that not all regions can access Spotify as it is not available in certain countries.

Spotify premium apk: Features

Huge collection of musics

Spotify is known for its wide collection of songs. Almost every song you’re probably searching for can be found on Spotify. Almost every artist wants to have their songs published on Spotify as it has the potential of reach a wide audience from around the world.


Spotify takes note of the type of songs you listen to and also shows interest in. It cleverly suggests you kind of music to you in discover and arranges a Playlist for you to enjoy your type of music.

Spotify premium apk: and features

Ads free

The mod apk version of Spotify offers an ads-free experience. Spotify contains some ads but can only be removed by subscribing to the premium plan. 

No song barriers

The free version of Spotify prevents you from listening to some songs which can only be unlocked on the premium plan. The Spotify premium apk mod allows you to listen to any music all for free.

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With the mod version of Spotify, you can listen to shuffled songs as much as you want. It is restricted to the free version of Spotify.

High quality music

Kinds of music on the free version of Spotify are offered in low quality. Subscribing to the premium plan allows you to listen to songs of their highest quality. With the Spotify premium apk, you listen to high-quality music for free.

Download links.

Download Spotify premium apk directly from the link provided below.

Additional information
App name Spotify premium apk
App version Updated Version
App size 30MB
Developer Spotify
Supported deviceAndroid v4.0 and above 

Download Now

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