How I Was Able To Play Pokemon Games On My Pc

How To Play Pokemon Games On PC

All your questions are about to be answered, which I will be sharing with you in this article on how I was able to play pokemon games on my pc when I mean PC you should know that is a personal computer that we sometimes call a laptop and it might also be desktop. How to play pokeman games on pc is what this article is all about. 

These games called pokemon are shared to be available for playing on Pc which is provided with different ways that you can use to get this game played on your laptops or desktops. 

How To Play Pokemon Games On PC

Gameboy pokemon games are specified in different ways in which you can be able to find two parts that you can use in playing this game on pc. 

As usual, most gamers know a way that can be used to play games on their various pc (games like pokemon)  are designed to be played using emulators which can work for the Gameboy

That’s the first part,  and the other part which you can use to play pokemon games on pc is to play directly from an emulator. 

The first part uses a program emulator that suits the game framework while the other part uses an emulator directly. 

One of the software that can house the game emulator that we recommend is called VBA-M which you can get for yourself as an average user. 

After you download the software make sure you move the .compress file to another folder which you will remember so as to know whenever you want to add it back to the main folder package.

The advance-m.exe file can now be clicked on so as to run the visual body of the file, which will prepare the emulator to play the pokemon game. 

As also stated that you will have to look for the appropriate ROM that will suit your PC emulator which can also be found on the internet which you will later get or will get stacked on the emulator you are to use. 

How To Download Pokemon Game On PC Emulator 

For example, if you want to download a Pokemon game that will be compatible with the emulator or Nintendo’s position game, then you will have to look for it on the appropriate site. 

Get the ROMS available for the pokemon download and some related Nintendo games which are in relation to others. 

Once you are provided with a game you would like to play, select or hit on the save game button. 

Then you will get yourself on ROM download to your PC available with a .compress extension file which you don’t need to extract the file. 

Now switch to the emulator which is called the Visualboyadvance-m (VBA-M), follow the process click on snap file select open. 

Now you will select or open the .compress file you download, and click on it twice for it to open. 

After that, the Pokemon game will start playing on the emulator which you can keep tuning and playing around with. 

Before you quit the game it is recommended to save your game to provide easy access to it whenever you feel like playing it again. 

You can navigate to the option by clicking on File then Save State and that’s it. 

Whenever you want to play the game again you can select from the submenu as a file and click Load State to start the game where you save it before. 

Best Method That Can Be Used To Play Nintendo DS Pokemon Games On PC

The Easiest and most straightforward way or best method that you can use to play Nintendo DS pokemon games on PC is achievable by following all stated or above steps. 

You will need a Nintendo DS emulator-related one that will work for your PC or Laptop. 

And one of which we recommend for you to get is deSmuMe which works perfectly for Nintendo DS Pokemon games on PC. 

As we use the above process also attached to this, once you get or download the emulator successfully you will need to open the deSmuMe.exe file to install. 

This will start up or prompt the installation process for the emulator on your PC. 

Once it has been installed you can now open the emulator games and search for a DS pokemon game you will like to play and download. 

After you have selected the game you can now click on the save game button and wait for it to download. 

Following the same process as stated above, don’t extract the file, go back to the deSmuMe emulator. 

Select Snap File and Open ROM, find the game you just downloaded that ends with .compress extension file double click on it to open the game. 

Now follow the process to save the game before you leave select File then Save State. To open the game later you can select useFile and Load state for the game to open. 

What You Need To Know If You Wish To Play Pokemon Game On PC Without An Emulator 

True sets free process available for Nintendo’s games are one of the processes that you can use to play Pokemon games on PC without emulator. 

If you wish you don’t wanna play such games on pc without an emulator,  you might like the Pokemon way of changing the games. 

You will have to follow up with a web-based version of the game which might not be quite okay. 

After you get an appropriate Pokemon exchanging card you will also need to get a code card which you will need to use and open the pack online on the game. 

Which you can now see might be difficult to gain access to pokemon games on pc without an emulator. 


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