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How To Make WhatsApp Voice And Video Calls On Your Computer (Desktop Or PC)

How To Make WhatsApp Voice And Video Calls On Your Computer (Desktop Or PC)

Seems alarming because people still find it difficult to make a voice calls, or video calls on WhatsApp for desktop, which is one of the most popular outstanding apart from other social media platforms which the mobile version is a friend, and most people still wish to carry out same features they make use of on desktop mode or on there various PC. 

In this article, we will be looking into how to make WhatsApp voice and video calls on the desktop which is what you would like to know in as much as you already land yourself on this page so stick to the end of this article so as to know all that you need to know about this latest WhatsApp desktop features. 

Can I Make WhatsApp Voice And Video Call On My Desktop? 

Yes, you can become, most people have been looking into several ways that they can use to get things done on their PC, in some aspects people make WhatsApp voice and video calls on the desktop by using some noble and powerful android emulators on PC. 

Likewise, some iOS frameworks that are designed to work with WhatsApp have been used to power the WhatsApp voice and video calls which we will be sharing with you now some easy processes that you can use to get WhatsApp calls on desktop work for you. 

How To Make WhatsApp Video Call On Desktop 

  • Once you get to your desktop version of WhatsApp. 
  • Open a conversation or locate the person chat that whom you want to make a WhatsApp voice or video call. 
  • Native to the button or click the button that shows as a sign of call, click on it to make a call. 
  • The call will start connecting and ring at the person’s end which will now engage you both in a voice conversation. 
  • Now to switch to video call you will need to select an icon representing a video call button. 
  • Which can be found below your video call indicated in the form of a camera or video recording button. 
  • Tap on it and the other person will be requested to accept the call. 
  • You have just engaged yourself in WhatsApp voice and video calls in both ways. 

They call it to be an end-to-end conversation, but WhatsApp is still present to gather some information about the call due to the web version that you are making use of on your desktop or PC personal computer. 

If you wish to make things go smoothly if you want your WhatsApp call info to be gathered when you make use of a WiFi connection through a router or MiFi

How To Accept WhatsApp Calls From Desktop Users On Your Device 

It’s just a normal WhatsApp call that you can accept from a mobile version of WhatsApp users which can be done. 

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On Android devices, you will need to swipe up to accept the call and also swipe down to reject the call as well from any form of WhatsApp desktop user. 

For iOS or Apple users, you just have to select the green icon indicating a call on your iPhone screen and also use the red icon to reject the call as well. 

How To Join WhatsApp Group Call In Progress 

When you are requested to join a WhatsApp voice or video group call and you don’t feel comfortable joining then, you can join later by using the method. 

Once your WhatsApp ring for the group call either on voice or video call you can just reject the call. 

Or just ignore the call, once you are ready to join the call click on the dynamic call that can be found on your WhatsApp call section tap. 

Now select join group call and you will be provided with the option to join, leave, and rejoin option button. 

Which can be profound if the WhatsApp call is dynamic. 

The person that creates the group call and others will be notified of you joining the call with them. 

What You Need to Know About WhatsApp Group Call

  • Apart from WhatsApp one on one calls either voice or video, WhatsApp also has a group call section which can be done by more than two people that making it to be called a group call. 
  • You can select any number of users that can join the call. Here is what you need to know about this kind of WhatsApp call. 
  • You will have to add people that will be present on the WhatsApp call (voice or video call) 
  • WhatsApp can hold only four members for now when making a video call on any device. 
  • As the hoster, you will have to add participation when they join the call. 
  • Make sure people that are to be present in the area are available to accept such calls. 
  • Once you add people to the WhatsApp group call you can change anything or add more people to the call once it’s started. 
  • No contact can be removed from the WhatsApp group call once added if either the person or personnel rejects the call or refuse to join. 

How To Make WhatsApp Video Calls On Desktop Or Your PC

Normal WhatsApp desktop mode can’t be used to access WhatsApp video calls like group calls but if you still wish to make use of your desktop to accept such calls. 

Then you can make use of some android or iOS emulators that can be used on pc to access WhatsApp for the mobile best emulator that we recommend is menu play or go Google search best android emulator for windows operating system likewise for MacOS search Best android emulator for Mac operating system. 

Utilize an emulator on your PC and install WhatsApp on them which will now enable you to make WhatsApp video calls on pc either in a single call or group calls. 

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