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How To Get Airtel 20GB For 3000 With This 2023 Latest Method 

How To Get Airtel 20GB For 3000

If you are the one that loves to hunt around for an affordable data plan on any network provider like MTN, airtel, glo, and 9mobile then this particular process is for you because you’ll be getting the latest 2023 method on how to get Airtel 20GB for 3000.

It’s one of the most affordable 2023 data plans out there that has been designed for Airtel subscribers and customers who make use of Airtel as their internet service provider. 

The Airtel 20gb for N3,000 plan is what will be diving into today which you can take as one of the plans that you can use within a month or approximately 3 weeks which is valid for 30 days. 

We are going to be sharing with you the Airtel 20gb for 3000 codes, all subscription codes, the latest one, and the easy method that will actually work for you so as to subscribe to this plan. 

How To Get Airtel 20GB For 3000

This particular data plan airtel 20gb for 3000 is designed for almost all the other subscribers but most people seem not to know how to go about the subscription plan or how to get this data plan. 

This is why they are left outside with this kind of question like how to activate Airtel 20gb for N3000 to share with you. 

We are going to be making use of two different kinds of methods using the new Airtel data plan code and the previous one which you can select from the two different kinds of methods we are about to share. 

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The Airtel 20gb for 3000 code is designed or can be engaged with two different codes we should learn about the below and get what is needed to be done with the cheap Airtel data plan 2023.

Airtel 20GB For N3000 Code (1)

  • To get the Airtel 20gb data plan on your Airtel line all you need to do is to dial the following code. 
  • *141*1*4# Then you provided a list of some data plans which 3000 for 20gb plan is left A-side. 
  • Then what we need to do next is to select from the option which is called My Offer. 
  • After you select my offer you will be provided with a list of some data plans which include 6GB for 1500 and 20GB for 3000.
  • This is what you are looking for all you need to do is select the one stated as 20 GB. 
  • But before you make a selection on that particular plan you should have a load amount of airtime N3000 your Airtel line. 
  • Once that is done you can now proceed to activate the plan on your Airtel line which you need to select option 1 and proceed with the activation process. 

That is just the first latest method that can be used to activate the Airtel 20gb for 3,000.

If this particular method does not work for you then look into the option we are about to share with you using the new Airtel data plan code that has been called to be Ncc harmonized code. 

How To Activate Airtel 20GB For 3000

How To Activate Airtel 20GB For N3000 Using New Airtel Data Plan Code

  • This particular method entails you dialing the code on your phone *323#.
  • This will provide the option to select different kinds of data plans but that’s not where you are going. 
  • You should select from the option named My Offer. 
  • Once that is done you should be provided with a list of offers that is available for your airtel line which you might get 24GB for 3000 or 20GB. 
  • Select the one that comes up for you once you confirm that you are eligible to enjoy this particular offer. 
  • You can now proceed to load the amount of your airtel line. 
  • You can now activate the data plan on your favorite network provider airtel. 

That is just the easiest way that you can use to get the airtel 20gb data plan that has been designed by airtel to be one of the most Affordable data plans out there. 


If you have any shortcodes that can allow people to get affordable data plans on any network provider then you can provide us with the code in the comment section tagging it with cheap data plan follow-up with the cold and the network provider. 

You can also always check back and stay updated to get a complete notice about any affordable or cheap data plan on any network provider. 

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