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Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For Ghana 2023 Glo Free Browsing

Glo 10.4GB For N1000

This glo free browsing cheat is unlimited and it is only available for Ghanians only since Nigeria set to be different by reporting any cheat to ISP, we got ghanians covered with another latest glo free browsing cheat.

The cheat set to be glo yakata unlimited browsing cheat which will work well with the help of a newly invented VPN call EC tunnel VPN, Ec tunnel VPN will help us to power up our glo network and make us to browsing unlimited with our glo sim to all Ghana people only. 

We also call it glo yakata unlimited browsing cheat for ghanians because it work on glo sim that is been or has been migrant to yakata plan, without talking much let get to known how we can activate the latest glo unlimited browsing cheat. 

Requirements For Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For Ghanians

  • Glo Ghana sim, Must be on Glo yakate. 
  • Ec tunnels  VPN download it here if you don’t have. 
  • One (1) Cedi Credit should be loaded to get 200 or 250MB. 
  • Migration to yakata plan by dialing  *455#

After you have gotten the stated requirements what is next is the setting for the VPN let go. 

How To Configure Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For Ghana

  1. Open the Ec tunnel VPN and. 
  2. Select any country of your choice. 
  3. Switch to tweak settings and. 
  4. Select the option for GH Glo Yakata Unlimited. 
  5. Now go back and click on EC circle to connect.
  6. Wait for it to connect with in 10 secs. 

Whenever is connected the red circle will turns to green that mean it as connect. 

Note: the 250 or 200MB that was given when you load the 1 cedi credit will not be touch when browsing using the VPN, but when the MB expired go ahead and load another Credit to keep browsing unlimitedly. 

We’ve got you covered ghanians, it work for you or not?  Question to our ghana subscribers they should be the one to answer it. 

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If you have any ghana friend you can share the trick with them using our site link or share button on the site so that they can benefit from this great offer enjoy. 

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