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How To Earn From Easywin ng And Withdraw Referral Bonus 

How To Earn From And Withdraw Easywin ng

Easywin ng is a platform that was just introduced to some of our followers and most people earn from the platform but find it difficult to withdraw their bonus money from easywin ng. So we are to explain to you how you can earn from easywin ng and also withdraw your cash from the platform. 

This platform is paying as of when we post this article and still paying if you know about bangbet the platform called easywin is something related let’s talk about what they are all about. 

What Is Easywin Ng? 

Easywin ng is unlike a gambling platform that contains different kinds of games online unlike betting sites but this platform is different because it contains mostly casinos, cards-related gamble games, and other related casino games that what the platform is set aside for. 

But they set aside a referral program that makes people join their platform and get some bonus from that and other terms and conditions are applied to the bonus offers. 

It was stated on the platform that you earn 500 per five people you invite to the platform and also the money won’t be available for withdrawal until you use the money to play games on the platform. Easywin ng is a platform that is for gambling so before you join make sure you review the platform well. 

How To Join Easywin Ng 

  • Click here to end straight for easywin ng official page.
  • Tap on the register or join to partake in the referral program.
  • As we said earlier you earn 500 per five people you invite to the platform.
  • Provide your details for sign-up.
  • Verify your number and submit.
  • After that, you have now been a member of the platform. 

You can now use your link to invite more people that will pop up on your page once you finish your registration or join the platform. 

Now is to know how you can withdraw your fund from the platform. 

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How To Withdraw On Easywin Ng

  • Once you register on the platform and you have invited some that earn you 500.
  • Then go to the easywin menu page scroll down.
  • Find the option for games click on it.
    Easywin ng games
  • You will be provided with different kinds of games.
  • Select anyone you will like to play from the list. 
    How To Earn From Easywin ng
  • Now play the game with your referral bonus or bonus money.
  • Once you win the money will be transferred to your withdrawal account.
  • That you will see on your profile menu.
  • And once you lose from the game.
  • some percent of your bonus money will be transferred to your withdrawal account as well.
  • Now, go-to your profile menu provides your bank info for withdrawal.
  • There are two withdrawal options listed there.
  • The one for opay and direct bank transfers.
  • Select your choice and place your withdrawal.
  • It will be processed within 24hrs of withdrawal. 

That’s just the easy way to earn and withdraw your bonus money from easywin ng. 

Is easywin ng scam or legit

As of recent, the platform is paying once you do what they ask you and we don’t see any scam record attached to the platform which makes it to be legit and paying people for their job. So visit the platform referral your friends earn bonus money play games and withdraw your winning from easywin ng. 

Withdrawal Prove

How To Earn From Easywin ng
How To Earn Bonus From Easywin ng
How To Earn From And Withdraw Easywin ng

What are your thoughts about this platform? 

Let us know in the comment section. 

Have you been able to withdraw? 

You can still say your mind in the comment section too.

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