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Yo WhatsApp apk, yoWhatsApp latest version, download yo WhatsApp V16.80.0 latest version download. the latest version for 2022 YoWhatsApp here is the appropriate place for you to download WhatsApp for free and come back for related updates on a monthly basis. 

Yo WhatsApp

If you are not yet into the usage of any mod WhatsApp, then I assume you love your stock WhatsApp just the way it is, and you are also satisfied with the little privacy you get using the normal WhatsApp. But then you are missing a lot of features that the stock WhatsApp has no hope of having. Mod WhatsApp gives you the freedom to your own WhatsApp!

This is another top popular mod WhatsApp app on the net, just like Gb WhatsApp, Soula WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, and Fouad WhatsApp. This mod WhatsApp is developed by Yousef and it is one of the tops used WhatsApp mod apps. It also allows much customization and also uses the same license as the official WhatsApp, just as the rest. 

Yo WhatsApp

YoWhatsApp featured

Anti ban

Getting banned on WhatsApp can actually be prevented with this feature, it gives you the freedom to use WhatsApp even if you have been banned before and also prevents you from getting banned again in the future.

Dark mode

This is a feature that is also now available on the stock original WhatsApp, you can now easily switch to the dark mode and enjoy your WhatsApp in a more classical way.

DND mode

This is one popular feature in almost all WhatsApp mod apps. This feature prevents messages or calls from disturbing your peace, once a notification comes, it’s in a silent way without disturbance.

IG like story

Now for a more classic WhatsApp, you can activate this feature and get Instagram to feel on your yo WhatsApp apk. Story status will then be displayed in a horizontal order just at the top of your chat screen, where they can easily be reached.

Freeze last seen

This is another top feature of yo WhatsApp apk, you can easily freeze your last seen status and stay anonymously online, without anyone even knowing you are online. The last seen time freezes from the time you activate the option till when you decide to turn it off.

Extended file size

You can now send bigger and more files with the yo WhatsApp apk, with this you won’t have to worry about WhatsApp file size limits as you can just send multiple files with bigger sizes with no worries at all. 

Secret chat

This feature lets you add any contact to a secret chat and have your conversation with them in a secret corner, which is security protected, only you can have access to this chat as no one will even know they are there.

Download yo WhatsApp apk

How To Install

To install yo WhatsApp apk is quite easy, just manually install the app to your device or follow the steps outlined below to install the app.

After downloading the app from the link below ensure that your device is set to allow installation from an unknown source before installation. (to do that easily go to settings>security>and ensure that installation from an unknown source is allowed.)

Now locate the downloaded yo WhatsApp from the file manager and directly install the app from there.

Download YoWhatsApp

Follow any of the links provided below to download yo WhatsApp apk to your android device.

Download yowhatsapp latest


What’s new?

  • Updated themes
  • New tick styles
  • Fix minor bugs
  • Based on v2.20.200.22

Additional information

App name Yo WhatsApp
App size34MB
App versionV21.20.0
Supported deviceAndroid v5.0, and above

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Download YoWhatsApp 21.20.0

Yo WhatsApp 21.20.0 Apk


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