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EFootball PES 2022: Best Graphics Mobile New Transfer

Among any other football games you can think of, PES is undoubtedly the best in the market at this time. Even with other competitors like the FIFA, Dream League, PES is still most players’ favourite. Check out the latest EFootball PES 2022 with its outstanding graphics and unique experience from our site.

Over the years, the competition between FIFA, PES and Dream League Soccer has been so intense, that players sometimes have a hard time picking their favorite but PES still finds its way to the top in player’s favorite list. This time, they’ve once again taken the bull by its horn with unique features that’ll keep players stunned. With updated transfers, new players coming in (both old players and new) and a multi-player mode. You’ll sure see the difference with the new game.

EFootball PES 2022: Best Graphics

Konami’s probably best selling game; PES always appears every year and more exceptional features to stand out from its competitors. It has been doing a good job so far and once again, more features appear. Whether playing on the Android, ios or windows platform, the game is always astonishing with graphics that can hardly be compared with Others. The new EFootball PES 2022 comes with some new features we’ll talk about in this article. The graphics of the new PES 2022 are so realistic it will only leave you wowed!. But not just that, Konami also brought back some old legends just to tap in those old memories. Even the regular modes have been updated in the new PES game. More features to be explored below.

Features of EFootball PES 2022: Best Graphics

The graphics alone are not the only features the PES 2022 comes with. Below we talk about some of the features that are contained in the new PES 2022 game. You can explore more yourself!.


We just can’t proceed without beginning with the astonishing graphics the PES 2022 possesses. You’ll be more wowed than you think. The realistic pictures will make you convinced you’re looking at the real thing. We’ve taken our time to access the graphics of the PES 2022, check out the graphics review section below to get a clearer picture.

Individual personality.

Gone are the days where almost all players on the field will possess almost the same character. The new game is developed with an ai that makes every player on the field unique according to their real life personalities. The celebration, speed and much more of their personalities can be very good compared to how it is in the real world. Explore games with your favorite player and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Match Day Mode

Told y’all even your normal modes have been modified. The match day mode is a day of the week when Konami chooses an important match. You can decide to choose a team to play for. Featured players are announced at the end of the week with rewards and additional upgraded skills.

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Dribble finesse

You don’t expect the legendary dribble finesse to be taken away, do you? Andrés Iniesta came up with the dribbling technique that much has come to fall in love with.

The ‘stellar moment series’

More stars have been added to this series and both classic and latest stars have been updated to it. Which in my opinion is more fun!

More legends

Apart from old legends we always see(Totti, Kahn, Maradona, Batistuta, Beckham..)  K. Rummenigge and Fernando Torres have also been included to the hall of fame.

Limited-time events

Konami also decided to spice things up by introducing some limited time competitive events, you can check out those events and participate in some for some extra fun.


Well, what can I say about the control. Konami never disappoints with their pes controls, always easy to get the hang of. Even a newbie can find their ways around the control and for the pros.. Piece of cake.

More features may not be included here so you can go ahead and explore them yourself. Don’t forget to include your findings in the comments section below.

Graphics Review

Below are some screen shots from the PES 2022 gameplay, they may not seem special for afar here. So you should consider having the experience yourself before judging.

Added features

Bug fixes

More updated commentary

Updated international leagues

Graphics and appearance updates.

Download links

Download every file you need to install and play the EFootball PES 2022: Best Graphics on your android device. If the download link is broken, please report to us from the comment section and we’ll get it fixed.

Additional information
Game name EFootball PES 2022: Best Graphics
Game size1.5GB
Supported deviceAndroid v5.0, above

Download Here

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