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Zenith Bank Network Downtime The Cause & What To Do Next

Zenith Bank Network Downtime The Cause & What To Do Next

The Zenith Bank Network Downtime is caused by a fire outbreak in one of the bank’s main branches that handle the primary data. 

This is the main cause of the network downtown that causes panic among most there customers in recent days 3 May 2023.

Zenith Bank is tagged as one of the largest capitalized banks in Nigeria which engage in some disasters over a fire outbreak that cause major damage to one of their bank branches. 

The network downtime issue has affected major branches across the globe which was made mention by the bank security agency without the cause of the downtime. 

It was brought to notice that the downtime of the zenith bank network occurs at 7 Am.  It was said that the fire started after the system caught fire according to some major sources. 

The power system that causes the fire also triggers a power cut to their data center. 

The Bank tried to switch to their backup data mode so as to recover from their network downtime it was later made mentioned that they were unable to carry out such an operation. 

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Not all banking systems are running actively which might be the main cause of them being unable to switch to the backup mode. 

At the time of the report, according to Techcabal they tried to send an email to Zenith Bank’s corporate commission department and were able to get a response to such a report. 

An official report about the incident has not been made by the bank to customers around the globe using their major Social Media platform which might acknowledge what they might be experiencing on their network downtime issue. 

This kind of incident mildly applies to all the banking systems considering operating and storing their data on the cloud which Might retain the issue of hardware data getting burned. 

This kind of process can solve a long day when this kind of incident might happen but in other ways, everything that has an advantage is also designed to have its own disadvantage. 

If you have one of Zenith Bank’s customers and this downtime issue affects you in any way, all you have to do is to exercise patience for they will be trying there possible best to get things done and everything pertaining to the banking system should start walking back. 

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