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How To Locate Your WhatsApp Media Folder In 2022

WhatsApp media folder

Technology is growing and increasing on a daily basis which makes it more vulnerable. This makes it hard to tighten the security of their app just like WhatsApp, which makes us come about this article on the latest method that you can use to locate your WhatsApp media folder in 2022.

Things seem more vulnerable which makes WhatsApp add more security stuff to their mobile app that you can now get different ways which you can use to locate your media folder which contains your WhatsApp image database, videos, documents, and some other files. 

If you don’t know about WhatsApp we are going to be talking about it below which is not recommended for you to stay until the end of the. 

The latest WhatsApp version makes it available for their users not to get full access to their Media through the file manager. 

More specifically, ways that are designed for iOS or iPhone users there seem to want to make it applicable to Android users. 

So if you have one that loves to play along or always check your WhatsApp Media folder then this article is specifically designed for you.

About WhatsApp 

Most people know WhatsApp to be one of the most popular social media platforms in most parts of the country. 

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Which featured some other related top Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram both companies meta control them. 

You will get to know more about this platform once you search the key for what’s up on the internet or on Google but we are going to speak less about them here. 

All we know is just a Social Media platform designed to send end-to-end encrypted messages within use. 

This allows us to send messages like text files pictures videos documents and other related files all things. 

After some major output all major ways that happened implement some other related features like status update bar and story features which later allowed most people to fall in love with such.

Furthermore, we speak about the story features and the sticker features which make it more entertaining to make use of such platform WhatsApp. 

So most people would like to take care or make a regular fragmentation process on their storage device which makes them look into their WhatsApp media folder. 

So as to delete some unrelated or unwanted files from their WhatsApp Media folder or WhatsApp folder. 

But little change seems to be made to eat after the recent WhatsApp update you can use the previous method that you use to locate your WhatsApp folder to do that now. 

You can check out the step and procedures that we are going to be listing below on how you can actually locate the WhatsApp folder in 2022 so as to see the type of Media that all your WhatsApp is saving. 

How To See Your WhatsApp Media Folder In 2022

The question might come in different ways, which is to locate your WhatsApp media folder or to see your WhatsApp folder. 

Both of these statements and rendering are the same procedure or the same ways that you can use to check your folder in 2022 if you have one that makes use of WhatsApp on your Android device. 

Android 12 latest one also adds more security features which make it much more challenging to see your folder. 

Hello, it will be better for you to follow up on all these procedures and grab the intensive knowledge we are about to share below. 

Money should know you are making use of some app that will allow you to see your folder on your Android device. 

After you get the app you will be needed to Grant them some permission which Android 12 does not allow. 

If you wish to see your father or WhatsApp media folder then you will need to Grant this app we are talking about the permission is requesting for on your device. 

How To Locate Your WhatsApp Media Folder in 2022

  1. Download a powerful file manager like ES File Explorer which cannot be gotten from Play Store. 
  2. But you can get this by clicking here or searching the internet using Google. 
  3. Search for ES File Explorer download and install it on your device. 
  4. After the installation is done go ahead to open the file manager and select your storage unit. 
  5. From there you will need to locate the father named Android. 
    WhatsApp folder
  6. Which might trigger you to allow some permission from this aspect. 
  7. After you allow the permission you will be provided with a folder. 
  8. Select the folder name Media and from there you should get to see some related folders. 
  9. Will be provided with some folders like com.whatsapp and others. 
  10. That you carry you along to the WhatsApp media folder on WhatsApp folder. 
    WhatsApp folder
  11. Boom, you have now landed yourself on the kind of folder that you are looking for. 

Cheers, I hope this article is helpful. 

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