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Whatsapp Faced Some Technical Issue

As of now Sunday 19 2020 time schedule with 12pm upward people what unable to send pictures, video and other files like document on Whatsapp.

we also discover these as we where like send some pictures to a follow as shown in the screenshot below

which show more prove that the instant messenger Whatsapp is facing some technical issues might from some critical server error issues or something related to that so for  now till it get fixed you wont be able to send or upload files like video, sticker, documents etc on whatsapp .


These issue also affect some other moded app tool like GBwhatsapp, Yowhatsapp and so on, the issue is general so you can still around till it get fixed.


To my research it will only takes some hours before it will get fixed which just feel we should bring the notice to you.


Also some people who was using modified the app as was said before have to uninstall and still install the app whatsapp message which the issue still precise.


Since the app is one of the most popular instant messaging app by Mac zuckerberg CEO of facebook and instagram so that gave us garantee that it wont take long before the app will get fix.

Whatsapp Is back

Yes we said it and they make is happen as of 2pm we’v just discovered that whatsapp is back so you can now start uploading your files ranging from video, pictures, and so on.


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