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Vidiq: Earn $2000 Online And More Doing Some Easy Task 2023

make money online on vidiq 2021

This site right here will pay you hundreds of dollars again and again in passive income this requires no skills or hard work from your side and it does work in most countries around the globe you will also need to keep reading until the end because I have a big bonus to help you make even more money just before we start with this tutorial just make sure we will be making money online through vidiq let’s proceed. 

Now, this strategy revolves around this website here called that you might have heard about either from somewhere else or otherwise but for those of you who don’t know see below. 

About Vidiq

What vidiq as is said right over on the page that,  this helps you boost your YouTube views and this is one of the most popular tools used for that purpose because it’s so effective now with that said this isn’t a place to buy YouTube views vidIQ instead helps you get more views by adding the right tags to the videos you upload.

For example and many other methods all the views generated with this are 100% real with that said we won’t be creating any videos so don’t worry we are not going to tell you to pay for vidIQ. 

to get views or whatever we will instead want to promote this as an affiliate and I have a new and recently released tool to help you get traffic to that link so you can make a lot of money online passively. So please stay tuned and keep reading so you don’t miss out on it in any case. 

How To Join Vidiq Affiliate To Make Money Online 

What you need to do is to Scroll down till you reach the very bottom of the page. In there you will need to click on affiliates which are located right on the footer page list. 

vidiq Affiliate

Now on the next page we can see the comment And vidIQ is special since it has these levels so to speak associate, influencer and ambassador are the only ones visible but as you will soon see there’s actually a fourth level. 

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Vidiq affiliate Levels To Earn From

Anyhow when you are at the first level you will receive 15% commissions.

on the second level, you will receive 20% and on the third, you receive 25%.

What influences the level you are is how many people you have referred to vidIQ if you have preferred between one and 10 it’s 15% commissions. 

Vidiq Affiliate level to earn money from

and if you refer more than 50 people it’s 25% now thanks to the tool I will show you later on you will easily be able to reach that last level and earn literally 50% commissions from each and every person you referred and I will show you that very soon. 

How To Join Vidiq Affiliate Program And Make Money From it

Anyhow to sign up to vidIQ’s affiliate program you just need to click right on the signup button on the page and then on the next page they’ll ask you to log in and since you don’t have an account you want to click on sign up here from there all you need to do is enter in your email address and password in order to create your brand new account.

Once you log in they will ask you to create your own custom referral link. This is mine as you can see now on the dashboard. 

you will be presented with a bunch of info on how much money you’ve made how many clicks you’ve gotten thus far and much more now remember the fourth level I mentioned before well here it is as you can see you will earn 50% commissions if you get over 300 people to pay VIDIQ and that is just insane vidIQ has one of the highest paying affiliate programs out there and this is after all why we want to promote this website in the first place.

How Much To Earn Per Referral On Vidiq 

Now that you have your account just before I show you where and how to get people to click on your link I want to show you how much money you will be making per sign up. 

As you can see vidIQ has these three paid plans which cost $7.50 forty dollars and $415 a month respectively with the most popular one boost costing $40 a month now just think about this.

since you can get up to 50% commissions and most people go for this boost plan that means if you refer just 100 people and let’s say for simplicity sake they all go for this plan that means you would make $2000 just like that in passive income.

how to make money online on vidiq

so as you can see this does have big potential and the fact that vidIQ increases views also means that people will tend to stick around if it works out for them and if someone you referred here keeps paying them for a few months that means you could potentially be making money from that same customer for months.

Afterward, which in turn means you don’t need too many signups to earn a lot of money with all of that said guys now that you have your account and you have a rough idea of how much money you’ll be making and how all these works let me show you two methods with which you can get customers. 

How To Get More People To Sign Up For Vidiq Through Your Affiliate Link or Referral Link

The first one is through the use of YouTube itself, what you will need to do is search for stuff like “how to get views on YouTube” something along those lines and you will now want to open up some of those videos. 

and why YouTube is a good traffic source for us. Every single person who commented on these videos is a potential customer because why else would they watch a video to grow on YouTube if they don’t want to start a YouTube channel of their own.

This means there’s a great chance that some of these people in the comments will be interested in vidIQ.


Now what you will want to do first is click on sort by and then select newest first because you don’t want to contact people who have left comments too long ago. 

What you will now want to do Simply put is contact all of these people that you can find in order to do that. 

You want to first click on their username to open up their channel. For example, here is 1 channel I found myself in. This person does have some videos which mean she will get some value out of vidIQ and might be interested in trying it out. 

so to contact this person all I need to do is go over to the about section there then Scroll down and click on view email address located right over there on the page then I will contact them via their email and go over all vidiq use features and leave my affiliate link.

For an example of an email, you can say stuff like this ” is a fantastic tool to grow your YouTube channel it’s used by thousands upon thousands of people all around the world and I highly recommend you check it out if you want to grow your channel and get real views”

just say something along those lines to try and convince them to at least give italic you a try now something of note is that not everyone will have an email address visible where you can contact them and so that’s a bit of a flaw with this method but you can nevertheless still reach many people as there are literally hundreds of new comments being posted daily.

on just a couple of these videos with that said though YouTube is not the only way to get traffic.

Second Method / Steps

The second method in my opinion is far more effective and it involves this tool here which I mentioned way back at the beginning that will literally do everything for you. This is a brand new tool we’ve literally never talked about before. 

the link here and literally costs under $20 as of now with that said even though it’s a paid Pool it has a yearlong money-back add guarantee and they will pay you $150 if it doesn’t work out for you. 

so while you have to pay for it you do have some guarantees that your hard-earned money isn’t being spent for no reason now as you can see just above this will get you buyer traffic in 27 seconds and by the way, something I really love about this tool is that it will get your affiliate link any affiliate link that is in front of people who do have money to spend. 

and who might actually buy whatever it is you’re promoting and that is a really great feature that makes this an awesome way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Video Tutorial

We won’t go too much into depth with this tool since everything you need to know is on this sales page and they don’t want to prolong this article too much as I said before if you want to check it out and I would very much recommend getting the link above if you, however, happen to not have any money to spend then you can definitely use the first method to get traffic and still get paid nevertheless anyways this is it for this article. 


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