Youtube Vanced Manager v16.20.35 Latest Version: How To Get Free Youtube Premium Forever

how to get free youtube premium forever

There are several YouTube premium mod apk out there or Yt music mod apk that said to provide you with free YouTube premium service but most seems not to work, anyways with the help of this Youtube vanced manager v16.20.35 apk that provide lifetime YouTube premium services either for music or videos provided by youtube you will be able to get a youtube premium forever but don’t jump on it like that for you will have to read this article to the end so how to get things done correctly. 

Some such YouTube premium apk is designed to provide you with premium services but does not works this apk named vanced manager done more than that to your expectations which you might not imagine of and you know won’t believe what it’s was the design of, in another way we should call it hacked youtube premium services apk that is provided for people the whole world that can’t afford with YouTube videos premium services or the Yt music premium services ( YouTube music)  let’s dive into. 

What is a Vanced Manager? 

As the name implies Youtube Vanced manager 16.20.35 is an app or apk that is designed to help you manage your youtube premium services either for youtube videos premium services or Youtube music premium services which will grant you what we call lifetime YouTube premium or will help you make use of the premium services forever. 

Now we move to how to get a free youtube premium forever or to get a lifetime youtube premium but before that, you should know what the apk Youtube vanced manager is capable of and what it can do so as to render its service to you for free and not free only but for services. 

Features Of Youtube Vanced Manager Apk

  • Adblock/Ad-free: One of the things most people hate when making use of any youtube products either video or music is ads. This app or apk provides you with the service with ad-free which will block all ads for you when you are rendered with the premium services. 
  • Dark Theme/ Dark Mode Optimization: The app Vanced Manager provides you with a well optimized dark mod or dark theme enabled to provide you with best experience when making use of the app with the youtube premium video or Yt music premium respectively. 
  • Videos Play Background Mode: when making use of Youtube vanced manager 16.20.35 apk like the youtube video premium you will be able to play your video in background which is one of the features that is okay for people that love multitasking on their devices and it’s available for android user’s with the most latest version. 
  • Automatically Video Repeat: vanced YouTube video premium provides it’s user’s with auto video repeat features which can be done on most video social media platforms like tik tok and it’s now available for you on your free lifetime youtube premium by vanced manager apk. 
  • Best Control Features: if you are one that loves to swipe and control on the music mode or video mode then vanced manager youtube premium is here to serve you with amazing swipe and move features that is mostly designed for youtube premium user’s. 

There are several features that we can’t mention but are all available on the apps which you can experience yourself once you follow the below process to get everything done yourself. 

How To Get Free Youtube Premium Forever Vanced Manager Lifetime Yt Premium

Firstly to get things done you will need to download the Youtube vanced manager apk which you can get from here

After you’ve downloaded the app, install it and make sure it is successfully installed then follow the appropriate procedures to get the manager set up. 

The vanced manager apk is just an app that will help you to manage your youtube video premium and yt music premium that is called youtube vanced v16.20.35 for video and youtube music vanced for music inside the manager learn how to install below. 

How To Install Youtube Vanced ( Video)  & Youtube Music Vanced v16.20.35 (Yt Music) on Vanced Manager

  • Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your device or phone go ahead and open it. 
  • Click on the get start or let’s get started button and you will be provided with the next page. vanced manager apk free youtube premium
  • The next page provides you with an apk you will like to install so as to get the lifetime youtube premium services. 
  • Either for youtube video premium or the yt music premium called youtube vanced and youtube music vanced. 
  • Select both or any one you want and click on the next button, and the next page is the root access. vanced manager apk free yt music premium
  • The app provides access for root and non root users so select which of your choice if your phone is root select it and if it’s not root select the next button below and proceed. 
  • Boom you are now welcome to the main page that you will proceed with the app installation.
  • What else is to install the Vanced MicroG which served as the by-pass apk or hacked apk. 
  • Locate the app at the last section of the app and click the arrow button and the right side of the microG app and click on the download icon you saw there. 
  • Which will as you to Grant the app installation access to your device, do so and let the app download and install. 
    get youtube premium free
  • After that go to the rest app either youtube music vanced or youtube Vanced to install using the same process you use for the microG process. 
    How to get free lifetime youtube premium
  • Click the app download icon and install the yt music premium or the youtube video premonition named as vanced both attend on them. 

After that, then you have successfully installed the youtube premium apk that will provide you lifetime youtube video premium or lifetime youtube music premium respectively learn how to access the premium services forever below. 

How To Access Youtube Premium Forever ( Youtube Lifetime Premium Services)

Once the three apps provided by vanced manager are installed on your device. 

Now open any of the first two apps with youtube Vanced design for video or youtube music Vanced by clicking on the arrow button. 

Then click on the arrow button that is a circle with a square again. 

And open the app on the app you will be used to signing to your Google account so as to gain the youtube premium features. 

How to get free lifetime yt music premium

Once you’ve successfully signed in you will get a mail referring that you can now enjoy your free trial services of the youtube premium. 

How to get free lifetime youtube premium via vanced manager

Just ignore that and launch the vanced app on your mobile app menu and enjoy your life with premium services. 

In addition, this apk is designed for android user’s and no version is available yet for iOS or iPhones user’s, if you wish to make use of such services for your iPhone devices then you can just stay tuned to this post and come back for some updates which will be stated if we have some. 

Let us know in the comments section if these are actually a word for you.

Download Youtube Vanced Manager 16.20.35

Download Youtube Vanced Manager 4.39.50

Youtube Vanced Manager v4.39.50 Apk


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