Using Google keep? Here are ten tips and tricks for you

Google keep

Keeping notes and getting reminders has been simplified by Google with the Google keep service. You can now keep notes in text, image, and voice with Google keep. The service Google keep offers can’t be compared with other note-keeping apps and here are ten tips to help you fully utilize your Google keep account.

Ten tips and tricks to use Google keep better

Google keep is a Google product that helps you keep notes. It is part of the “Google Docs Editors suite” that allows you to manage documents online in the best way possible. Other services on this suite include Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Drawings, and some others. One of the great things about the suite is the availability of web and app versions, this makes it flexible enough to use on almost every device.

Google keep also supports OCR and voice transcription, so you can get a note from both pictures and sound without having to type them yourself. If you are using Google Keep to keep your notes and also set reminders, then below we have compiled some tips to help you get the best out of the service.

Ten tips and tricks to use Google keep better: the ten tips and tricks

  • Manage notes in bulk

You probably don’t know you can manage your notes in bulk on Google keep. You can change their color, copy, delete, and other things to them all at once. You can even select all by using the Ctrl+A key to select all and edit at once instead of individually.

  • Drag and drop notes into Google docs

Working on a note on your mobile device? you can swiftly drop a Google keep note into your Google docs on your Chromebook. Simply open new Google docs, at the right side, click on the keep icon to open the sidebar. You can then drag and drop a note into the empty docs space. You can then continue working on it through Google Docs.

  • Change the background

This feature was only available for the app version of the keep, but it is now available for the web version of Google keep too. You can now select from 9 different backgrounds to use on your keep. Make sure you haven’t selected solid colors before applying a background else they won’t be visible.

  • Use extensions to ease usage.

As simple as Google keeps is, you might consider using some extensions to ease the usage of the service even more. There are varieties of extensions to choose from in the Chrome store for your Google keep. There is an official extension for keep to use the web while others include edit in full screen, window resize extension, input tab, and more

  • Make notes with Google assistant

For easy usage, you can make notes to your Google keep using Google assistant. All you have to do is say “Hey Google, take a note” and it will ask you what to write. You can then check your Google keep for the saved note. You can also view your saved notes with Google assistant by saying “Hey Google, show me my note“.

Set reminders with Google calendar

You get to set reminders to remind of important tasks to perform on Google keep too. All you have to do is make the note and set a reminder to it on the Google keep the app and it will automatically appear on your Google calendar.

  • Dark mode

You’re not restricted from Activating dark mode on your Google keep. As we know, Google is having lots of issues implementing the dark mode to their services. But the dark mode on Google keeps working fine, just that you have to manually activate it every time. 

  • Use rich preview

Rich preview lets you view lo links as thumbnails instead of the link address. This lets you get a modern feel while using Google keep. To activate, click on the settings icon at the top right corner and click on “Settings“, then check the “Display rich link previews” box. 

  • Use shortcuts on keep

You’re probably using a touch or mouse to navigate through your Google keep but there are tons of shortcuts to explore, making you navigate Google keep swiftly. Click on the Settings icon and select “keyboard shortcuts” you’ll get the list of all the shortcuts available for Google keep.

  • Align list to center

By default, your Google keep list is arranged in columns as wide as your screen, they are in grids and for most devices appear in two columns. You can switch to a one-column view by pressing “Ctrl+g” on your keyboard or clicking on the foursquare icon at the top right side of the screen.

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  1. I have no idea why but the Google Keep extension refuses to add to my Chrome browser. I made sure that Chrome was updated to the latest version but it still refuses to add. It downloads for a while and suddenly stops and a message pops up saying it failed
    Please, could you help me? What else can I try to add the extension?

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