Truecaller Gold Apk v12.17.7 (Premium Unlocked + Mod Lite) Free


Truecaller gold apk, Truecaller gold features, Truecaller gold premium, Truecaller gold free. Truecaller v12.17.7 has been a very useful tool for android users over the years, the app shows the user id of a call and lets you know the true identity of a caller based on what other users specify them as, you can easily know If a caller is actually a scammer based on how the number has been reported by other users, Truecaller has really helped prevent a lot of people from falling for scams and let you receive important calls only. Download Truecaller gold apk.

Truecaller gold premium

Truecaller gold apk

The Truecaller app has improved in features over time, the app now offers more interesting features like the chat platform that allows users to chat with their contact, restrict numbers, and many more, the gold version of the app now offers lots of interesting features like having a profile viewing other user’s profile and lots more.

Truecaller gold features

Truecaller has many amazing features which you can discover yourself, but few of them will be discussed in this article.Truecaller app

  • Caller ID

The app’s first and main function is to retrieve and display a caller’s ID, you might be wary of receiving unknown calls sometimes, but with this caller ID feature on Truecaller, you instantly know the identity of who’s calling you, so far your Internet connection is active. Options to report a number are also available, when you receive a call from someone you eventually find out to be a scammer, you can easily report such a number to prevent other users from falling for scams. The number of reports determines the chance of alerting other users about the number, so always report a scam call. Download Truecaller gold apk

  • Spam-blocking
Truecaller gold features

The app also offers a special feature that automatically blocks any spam messages, it’s really annoying to receive messages that are unsolicited, most of these messages are solely constructed to scam people, so what is the point in receiving them when there are high chances of falling for a scam? Truecaller will block any spam messages sent to your inbox and store them in a separate tab for easy access. The app also offers a feature that lets you block any number, you might be tired of receiving calls from someone, and you who wish to block them, Truecaller allows you to instantly block any number and prevent them from calling you.

  • Call recording

You can allow your calls to be recorded automatically by the app, maybe for future reference or proof, Truecaller will store all recordings in a file that can be easily accessed. Download Truecaller gold apk

  •  Communication
Truecaller gold premium

Truecaller also allows you to interact freely with your contacts, it offers a platform for chatting, where messages and media can be exchanged with other users easily just like other social platforms, it has a strong connection that ensures that your voice call with other users is uninterrupted, with a strong Internet connection, you will enjoy uninterrupted voice call with your contacts. The app also organizes your chats, calls, and SMS on different tabs which can be easily accessed on the interface of the app.

Truecaller still offers lots of other features like uploading data to your google drive and lots more that can be discovered by yourself, enjoy the app and share with friends

Download Truecaller gold apk

This version of Truecaller is the gold premium version which costs some little bucks on PlayStore, but you can still enjoy all the premium features for free with the modded version on our site, kindly join our telegram channel to download the Truecaller gold free with lots of other free premium.

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Additional information

App nameTruecaller gold premium(mod lite)
App versionv12.17.7
App size60MB
Supported device4.4, above

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Download Truecaller Gold 12.17.7

Truecaller Gold Apk 12.17.7 Mod Lite


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