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Top Instagram Marketing Trends Of 2022

Top Instagram Marketing Trends Of 2022

There was a time when social media marketing was nothing but a facet of advertising for people. However, since the introduction of Instagram, such a scenario has changed massively from within. And it happened for a good reason as well.

According to a report, almost 78% of people with smartphones (worldwide) tend to use at least one form of social media or another. 

And the number keeps increasing almost every passing day. Thus, it’s pretty natural for a marketer to find a way to capture their market in an ideal manner. 

And Instagram is on the top of its list due to having more than one million active users.

Instagram Trends To Follow

Social media marketing is all about following the current trends and being different from the competitors in the market. Hence, in this section, we’ll tell you how you can stay on top of your advertising game properly. Keep reading, then.

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Trend – 1: Longer Instagram Stories

Previously, most people were content with viewing a smaller and crisp Instagram story. But, the scenario has changed entirely since then. Now, we’re more interested in something longer and more informative, especially when talking about a product.

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However, sharing too much information continuously might seem boring to the viewer. Thus, in that case, we’ll ask you to add a piece of music or two to make things a little more interesting. Also, including a visual or more might be helpful for you.

Trend – 2: Twitter Card Preview 

Yes, the Twitter card preview is back on Instagram, and it’s here to stay. So, now, whenever you share an Instagram link on Twitter, it’ll show a preview of what your post is all about.

This, in turn, will make most people wonder what the post is all about and prompt them to click on it. And, the more clicks you get, the higher your conversion chances will be.

Trend – 3: Instagram Affiliation

Influencer marketing has become a thing on Instagram since 2017, and it’s still going pretty strong. And, if you want to increase your consumer base quickly, you’ll have to acquire their attention first. It might take a little more money, but it’ll definitely be worth the expense.

On the alternative, you can still try to opt for the organic reach method. But it’ll just take too much time, even if you have a decent audience base on social media.

Trend – 4: Content Is Still King! 

Unlike content marketing, Instagram advertising isn’t too much about writing and proffering information. Instead, in this aspect, you’ll mostly have to focus on creating something that’ll catch your audience’s eyes. 

For example, you can use a short description of your product and tell your audience how it can address their pain point. Also, don’t forget to use some hashtags while you’re at it.

Trend – 5: Instagram Shop!

Like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shop is a new feature where you can enlist whatever you’re offering to your audience. And if they like it, they’ll buy the same from there.

It’s a quirky little feature that can help an entrepreneur market their product on Instagram and sell it without breaking a sweat. 

Besides, recently, Instagram has also included an additional checkout feature that can help you store your payment or bank details. It can quicken the shopping process quite a bit.

Trend – 6: Live Streaming The Heart Out! 

What’s better than showing off your product in a 60-second reel?

Offering more information about it on a live stream, of course. And, with Instagram, you can do that as well. Just be sure to follow a proper timeline while creating a Livestream, and you should get enough visitors for the time being.

Also, ensure that you’re recording the video from a high-quality camera. As it’ll be all about promoting your product, you’ll want to make sure that everyone can see it correctly!

The Bottom Line 

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram is still at the top of the mountain. And, if you can use reels in the right way, it’d definitely help you out a lot.

However, just one thing. When you’re creating an ad-based reel, please don’t make it too salesy. Instead, go for something a little funnier to engage your audience correctly. It’ll definitely help you out a lot!

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