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TonKrefer Referral Bot Review – Earn More Ton Coin (Tonk) Token

TonKrefer Referral Bot

If you have heard about Tonkrefer a telegram bot that has been set aside to help you earn free Ton which Tonk is converted to Ton Coin or Token, Here is the review on Tonk Community. 

The Community creates different phases for people to earn free Tonk using a telegram bot just like other telegram referral bots that also differ. 

And the Tonkrefer bot will help you earn some Tonk Tokens based On Ton telegram token backed on their own blockchain. 

Tonkrefer Community 

Tonkrefer community is a community that has set out a telegram bot for referral which provides people with different tasks and rewards them with Tonk. 

The Tonk is said to be converted to Ton which can be withdrawn to any Ton wallet address phase by phase. 

As at when this article was created and published Tonkrefer is on Phase 5B which will happen the next day. 

And you should have been seeing this flying around the internet which is why we came about this review. 

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So to bring more clarification about the platform to you. 

Tonkrefer Community 

As we’ve also set out an article which talks more about referral marketing you should check it out. 

That can help you how to get referrals easily in 2024 to increase more say or earn more online. 

The most major way to make money online nowadays is to join any referral program. 

Let’s get back to the main aspect of this article. 

What You Should Know About Tonkreferbot

Tonkreferbot is set Aside to help them get people to know more about their community and people should bring more people to their community. 

Once you start a Tonkreferbot first, what you will be asked to do is to join their community. 

That is their telegram channel, then follow up to join their telegram group as well. 

Tonk telegram channel and group are available now with a lot of members due to the campaign they are running. 

Next, it is to get your referral link and start inviting more members to earn more free Tonk tokens. 

And you should get to earn more tokens as well by claiming a daily bonus. 

The Tonk is converted to Ton phase by Phase still using the telegram bot Tonkreferbot as well. 

Referral Link For Tonkreferbot For The Telegram Referral Bot

There are other things to know which involve the level or amount of Tonk to earn From the earn level starting from Level one to Level 15.

But you should know that it’s a pure referral campaign available on the platform but not to worry this will help on how to get more referrals. 

The referral link is the link that will direct you to the Tonkrefer bot to join the contests or referral campaign on Tonkreferbot. 

Click here to visit the Tonkrefer bot and start earning Tonk. 

Likewise, you can just proceed to get your own unique referral link from the bot. 

But before you join you might be thinking of how much you can earn from the platform right? We will also split that for you below. 

How Much Can I Earn From Tonkreferbot 

You earn as much tonk view tonkrefer bot which is converted by level or reward is delivered by level see the referral scheme below. 

Tonkrefer Referral Scheme or Level Reward 

You can Earn from your Referrals

  • Level 1 Earning 12500.0
  • Level 2 Earning 11700.0
  • Level 3 Earning 10800.0
  • Level 4 Earning 10000.0
  • Level 5 Earning 9199.999999999998
  • Level 6 Earning 8300.000000000002
  • Level 7 Earning 7500.0
  • Level 8 Earning 6700.0
  • Level 9 Earning 5800.0
  • Level 10 Earning 5000.0
  • Level 11 Earning 4200.0
  • Level 12 Earning 3300.0
  • Level 13 Earning 2500.0
  • Level 14 Earning 1700.0
  • Level 15 Earning 800.0

How Tonk Is Converted To Ton

On each Phase which is when withdrawal proceeds, you should be able to convert Tonk to Ton and withdraw to your Ton Wallet. 

After you click on Tonk Convert to Ton on the Tonkrefer telegram bot.

You will be asked to valid tonk amount greater than 0 in a multiplier of 500k tonk. 

From there you should know how many Ton you have which is 2,000,000 worth of Tonk Token. 

How Tonk Is Converted To Ton

Earn us 2 Ton Coin Approximately. From there the convention is done. 

What is next is to know how to withdraw your tonk token, The withdrawal is processed as Ton you need a Ton Wallet. 

Ton ecosystem is getting bigger daily with many projects being integrated into Ton blockchain daily. 

How To Withdraw Tonk Token On Tonkrefer Bot 

You will need a Ton wallet to withdraw your Tonk token after converting your Tonk to Ton. 

How To Withdraw Tonk Token On Tonkrefer Bot 

You can learn how to get a Ton wallet below so as to complete your Tonk coin withdrawal. 

How To Get A Ton Wallet or Wallet Address 

After you get a ton of wallets you get a ton wallet address from there. 

Telegram has provided a self-integrated wallet for users to open on their Telegram app through their Telegram account. 

Just click on the menu icon on your telegram app after you have logged in to your telegram account. 

The option is provided for Wallet click on it. 

Then you will be provided with the next thing to do so as to get yourself a ton wallet. 

After you get your wallet from the list of coins. 

Click on Toncoin and select Receive then you can copy your Ton wallet address. 

Then you can proceed to make use of them to withdraw the Tonk token you just converted to ton on the tonkreferbot. 

An alternative way is to download some official Ton wallet-provided apps like Tonkeeper, mytonwallet, and more. 

Open the app and back up your Key phrase to open your wallet. 

I put it in the space provided for it then proceeded to Copy the Toncoin wallet address to proceed with your withdrawal. 

Is Tonkrefer Legit Or A Scam? 

We would like to end this with our tonkrefer review or tonkreferbot review to know if it is legit or a scam. 

The first thing you need to know is that the platform is paying and it is legit as of when this article was published. 

No scam record about this crypto community integrated into Ton blockchain. 

But what you need to know is you need a lot of referrals before you can proceed or be able to withdraw from the platform. 

More referrals will earn you more Tonk tokens that can be converted to Toncoin or Ton. 

Even the convention of Tonk to Ton has been provided about. 

Without withdrawal is said to be set A-side on Phase by phase and they are currently on Phase 5B. 

That’s how it is mostly done on various crypto airdrops or any related mining airdrop in general just like Ice network mining platform and more. 

Final Say

Do you find our review on tonkrefer helpful? If so, let us know below in the comments section how many ton you have earned or how many tonk you have been able to convert to Toncoin on Tonkreferbot. 

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