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Tips To Avoid 2023 WhatsApp Ban For Mod Apps like GBWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp

How To Avoid WhatsApp Ban in 2023

If you got banned from WhatsApp then this article is actually for you to make calls to come about How To Avoid WhatsApp Ban in 2023 (Do This For Mod WhatsApp Like GBwhatsapp, FMWhatsapp & More).

So it is more or less like Tech Tips to avoid 1023 WhatsApp being banned for mode apps like GBWhatsApp and FM WhatsApp or other related modified WhatsApp like OGWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, and so on and so forth. 

Recently WhatsApp officially released a massive official band to most Android users that are making use of mods like the GBWhatsApp Pro or normal GB WhatsApp and related modified WhatsApp like FM WhatsApp.

So if you want or if you are one of the victims then you should actually read this article to the end for it will let you know how you can avoid the latest 2023 WhatsApp ban and how you can implement your own anti-ban if you still feel like making use of such an app. 

WhatsApp Ban 2023

The recent WhatsApp ban was applied to most people that are making use of modifying WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp OGWhatsApp pro,  FM WhatsApp new WhatsApp OG WhatsApp, and some other mod WhatsApp out there in 2023.

The band was triggered after the recent update of March 2023 was made to official WhatsApp. 

Most people that make use of such related WhatsApp get banned simultaneously temporarily for some hours or minutes most people can’t take it anymore or any longer. 

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If you’re one of the kinds of people that have experienced such and you wish to know how to avoid the WhatsApp ban on GBWhatsApp in 2023 then what is recommended to be done are. 

  • To avoid making use of mod WhatsApp and switch to the official version. 
  • And if you still wish you can stop making use of such modified WhatsApp like  GBWhatsApp Pro. 

Then you can just follow up with some procedure we are going to be laying down below so as to not get yourself banned. 

And avoid the WhatsApp ban in the 2023 aspect completely, that’s one of the major reasons why we come with tips to avoid 2023 WhatsApp bank for mode apps like GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp all the modified WhatsApp to are not left A-side. 

How To Stop Whatsapp Ban In 2023 For Mod Apps Like GBWhatsApp & FM WhatsApp 

Some of the things that need to be done so as to stop WhatsApp from being banned in 2023 from mod WhatsApp are.

You change officially to main WhatsApp by using the step we will be sharing below so as not to lose any chat. 

Another way is to follow the procedure that we are going to be stating below that will help you avoid the WhatsApp ban even if you are making use of mob apps. 

How To Avoid WhatsApp Ban On GBWhatsApp (Tips) 

  1. The first tip is to switch completely to official WhatsApp. 
  2. And second tips are to uninstall your previous mode WhatsApp and install the latest version using the process we will be sharing below. 

How To Stop WhatsApp From Banning You By Switching To Official WhatsApp 

Before you can see through the official WhatsApp version you will need to carry out some things like taking a backup of your chat and changing some folder names. 

All you need to do is to know the folder name of the modified WhatsApp you are making use of before you switch to the official version. 

You can note on the modified WhatsApp you are making use of for the name in your file manager that you are making some GBWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp. 

So just go to your mobile phone file manager and locate the folder name Android followed by Media from there you should see something like. 

com.gbWhatsApp if you are making use of gbwhatsapp and com.fmwhatsapp that’s if you are making use of FMWhatsApp. 

After you know today for the name then you can now follow up with the main steps so as to see from the mod WhatsApp to the official version. 

How To Switch From Mod Whatsapp (GBWhatsApp)  To WhatsApp Official App

  1. As we stated above, note in the name the kind of modified WhatsApp you are making use of. 
  2. The good open WhatsApp and take a backup of your chat that can be located by clicking on the three-dot menu. 
  3. Then select settings and click on backup so as to backup all your WhatsApp chat. 
  4. After that is done make sure you have already installed the WhatsApp official version app to your device. 
  5. Then go to the folder that we made mentioned above which is Android/Media that can be fine using your file manager. 
  6. After that, we are going to be renaming WhatsApp for the one that is tagged with the modified version of WhatsApp you are making use of. 
  7. If your WhatsApp folder is named com.gbWhatsApp then it should be renamed to com.whatsapp as the official folder name given to the main WhatsApp. 
  8. The same applies to the order mod WhatsApp you are willing. 
  9. After that is the only time you can go ahead to open the WhatsApp you just downloaded. 
  10. Register back with your phone number and verify via SMS. 
  11. You will be asked to restore a backup which is needed to be done so as to restore back or your chats. 

That is, you have just switched from mod WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp or fmwhatsapp to the official WhatsApp version so as to avoid being banned from WhatsApp or to stop Whatsapp from banning you in 2023.

Now if you still wish to make use of the modified version of WhatsApp you are using before then this particular section is for you. 

You can actually use that, for now, to avoid the WhatsApp ban or stop Whatsapp from banning you which is less like an anti-ban for any related mode WhatsApp like FM WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp you might be making use of. 

Now let’s dive into the main part of the section. 

How To Stop Or Avoid WhatsApp Ban When Using FMWhatsap Or GBWhatsApp Pro

This is not applicable to just GB WhatsApp or FM WhatsApp for if you are making use of all the related mods WhatsApp then you can just follow up with the steps so as to stop Whatsapp from banning you or avoid being bad. 

  1. Download the latest version of your mood WhatsApp FM WhatsApp 9.62 or GB WhatsApp Pro 17.30.
  2. After that is done go ahead to take a full backup of your chat inside the mod WhatsApp you are using. 
  3. Then go to your file manager and copy the package folder to a separate space on your storage unit so as to avoid that being lost. 
  4. Then before you install the latest version of the mod app. 
  5. Uninstall the previous version completely for your device. 
  6. Go back and check the folder if there is anything in it. 
  7. If you don’t find any file inside it then copy back the separate package you were asked to copy to a separate place on your storage unit to the folder. 
  8. Now install the latest version of your mod whatsapp to your device. 
  9. Register again with your phone number and claim your verification via SMS. 
  10. Complete your restore through the backup you took earlier. 

You are now back to your favorite WhatsApp app, with this can help you to avoid WhatsApp ban in 2023.

And also stop Whatsapp from banning you if you are making use of GB WhatsApp or FM WhatsApp. 

Wrapping Up

We would like to end this article on this part or at this stage where every particular information you get on this page is generally for information purposes and to help people see through some kind of tech tips they don’t know about, more less like a tech innovation on WhatsApp. 

If you have anything you would like to add to the article you can let us know in the comments section. 

We hope you were able to avoid or stop any related forms of WhatsApp banned in 2023.

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