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TikTok Lite Free Data: Get 10GB or More From This Data Rewards 

tiktok lite free data rewards

One of the giant social media platforms TikTok seems to wish to like their audience or new users to know about their new app, which is why we have something of Tiktok lite data rewards or free data that can help you get up to 10GB, 20GB data free. 

This TikTok lite free data is more-or-less like a new campaign that has been set aside for new or old tiktok users which will help them get data rewards that range from 500MB and more. 

TikTok data reward started with the lower amount of 100MB, and 200MB respectively, and you can even get more once you keep carrying out the task attached to it. 

About Tiktok Lite Data Rewards (Free Data) 

The Tiktok Lite free data is the latest data reward that has been set aside as a campaign that can help people get free data ranging from 500MB or more once they carry out certain tasks. 

This Tiktok data reward is set aside for you to get 500MB per person you refer to the platform to download and install tiktok lite. 

Note the normal tiktok app is different from the tiktok lite app which we are referring to two different things. 

The normal tiktok apk is different from the Lite version which might seem this is a way that makes tiktok bring off the referral program campaign. 

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Or set out a data reward program so as to make much more people know about the lite version of their official app. 

We’ve been gathering some little information we have about tiktok, which is how to get 1k followers in 5 min, this is also one of the pieces of info we’ve shared with our audiences. 

Do more to look into it before you can think of joining this tiktok lite data reward or free data. 

Now you would like to know how to get your own 10GB free data from tiktok lite app right? If so try to stay with us till the end of this post. 

Download Tiktok Lite Apk

App NameTikTok Lite
TypeSocial Media Platform 
Download Size8.6MB
Version 29.2.3
Dev Tiktok PTe. LtD

Download Here

How To Get Free Data From Tiktok Lite In 2023

It’s the latest data reward from tiktok through the lite version of the app which can be gotten by. 

  1. Download the TikTok Lite app by clicking here mandatory. 
  2. Open a tiktok account through the tiktok like app. 
  3. Make sure the app successfully installs on your device. 
  4. If you have an account with them before log-in into your old account. 
  5. New users can claim free 100MB once they activate invite code A1649581 or referral code. 
  6. The data can be claimed once you’ve successfully opened an account or log-in to the TikTok lite app. 
  7. At the top left corner of the app, you will see an icon provided with a tag 500MB free Data
    tiktok lite free data reward
  8. Click on the icon which you should see where to Input the invite code or referral code A1649581. A1649581
  9. Once you’ve registered as a new user for the first you will get a 100MB TikTok lite data reward as you enter the invite code A1649581.
  10. Then you can now get your Invite code or referral code and share it with your friends. 

As stated on the page every friend you successfully invite to the platform using the tiktok lite app will earn you free 500MB data with proof. 

Install withdrawal to your major sim or network provider of your choice Mtn, Airtel, and Glo. 

How To Redeem Your Free Data Rewards From Tiktok Lite App

After you start inviting your friends to join the app using your referral link or invite code A1649581.

And they join the platform tiktok as new users using the tiktok lite app. 

Finally, they were able to redeem their first 100MB of free data using your code A1649581. 

Then you will start getting your reward which should be provided on the 500MB free data reward page. 

redeem tiktok lite free data

On the data that is listed in the section, you will see all that you can activate. 

Once you click on activate, you should be able to redeem your free data from the tiktok lite app. 

Provide your data and the data will be loaded to your respective network install. 


We hope you have been able to get your own free data through the tiktok lite data rewards. If so, let us know the amount of data you have been able to get in the comments section. 

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