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Three settings you need to change this year on WhatsApp

whatsapp settings 2022

WhatsApp keeps introducing new features on every new update. You don’t want to stick to the old stuck settings of your WhatsApp. It’s time you change some of your WhatsApp settings and enjoy the latest features. It’s a new year so you would want to step up some things. Below are some of the features we recommend you enable in 2022.

3 settings you need to change on your WhatsApp this year 2022

Everyone now tends to use WhatsApp as their primary messaging app. We’ve literally forgotten about our phone’s native messaging app. Ever since its emergence, WhatsApp has been everyone’s favorite messaging app. Mostly due to its privacy; allowing users to reach out to only people on your contact list. WhatsApp has had some competitors since then, one of them; telegram has been posing a lot of threat to WhatsApp as it seems to provide better features and privacy compared to WhatsApp. WhatsApp has now decided to step up its game by adding some new features to its app and continue to stay at the top. Some of WhatsApp’s new features are worth exploring. Features like the disappearing message, dark mode, one view image, and the rest will definitely make your WhatsApp more fun.

Three settings you need to change this year on WhatsApp.

 Disappearing message

You can now set up a timer for your messages or a chat. Once the time elapses the message auto district. This feature is very essential as it allows you to automatically remove some of your private or secret messages from the online space. It also helps to save some space on your device.

Whatsapp lock

For more privacy, it is recommended to add an additional lock to your WhatsApp. This will ensure more privacy and keep your messages safe from prying eyes. With this feature, only you will be able to access your WhatsApp. You can choose to add a face lock or your fingerprint lock. To activate this feature go to your WhatsApp settings, tap on the ‘Account” button from the list. Then tap on “privacy“. You can now activate “screen lock”  from here, you can choose to use the face lock or the fingerprint lock. So whenever you launch WhatsApp, you’ll be required to authenticate with your face or simply your fingerprint.

2-Factor Authentication

Don’t forget to enable the “Two-Step Verification” on your WhatsApp account. This is an additional feature to keep your account safe. Anytime you want to log in to WhatsApp, you’ll be required to enter a unique password to get access to the account. This will help keep your account safe from hackers trying to hijack your WhatsApp account. They’ll be required to enter the pass, which will prevent them from gaining access.

This is the list of the Three settings you need to change this year on WhatsApp. Ensure you enable these features to keep your account safe and also enjoy more privacy.

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