Th9 Attack Strategy To Get 3 Stars

th9 attack strategy to get 3 stars

The biggest challenge is that the plan for the attack still depends on the work of some troops. A plan of attack could be OP for a month and could not succeed half a year after the defenses were buffed up or the main forces were nervous. To successfully complete this description nowadays, the bases of war in Clan War need various attacking methods than what you can use in regular battles to farm resources.

What if the technique you choose works well but is too costly to collect resources?

It’s rapid to get 3 stars in Clash of Clan war before TH8, but the real issue begins after that; therefore, in my opinion, here are the most potent TH9 attack tactics for all coc base TH9.

Strategy One

I’ve tried several combinations for myself and opted for a better farming approach with the following combo. (For those with a capacity in 220 military camps and an area of 30 CCs.)

2-Pekkas with 8-wizards, 17-Valkyries, 2-archers to cover up the remaining space. 4-heal spell along with 1-poison and Barb King at any stage above 10 will work so does the Arch Queen. And demand a Golem and haste or freeze.


Start from the corner, release the golem (from the CC) so that the protection is drawn to your consideration in the region of deployment.

Drop the 2 pekkas on every side of the golem and place four wizards to support the two pekkas. (The archers will drop as well)

Let Pekka, Archers, and Wizards free the side while golem is still targeted by security. The wizards remove any protections along the side of the wall as the defenders are focused on your Pekkas.

Use your remaining powers, the Barb King, all seventeen valkyries, and the Arch Queen, after the Sides are clearing up or your Pekka were destroyed in the first place.

The remaining soldiers will be positioned in your first golem, which is likely to be reduced significantly by now.

Take a look at the center at the BK to Valkyries and handle the sorts as they attempt to move via a wall, and Valkyries will slow down and take fire from their defenders.

Your AQ will provide backfire and take most of the protections centered on the BK and Valkyries.

There ought to be a star now, as you potentially might have damaged 50 percent.

When the BK and Valkyries reach the core/TH, make sure that the rest of the army finish off TH with a haste spell and spell saved to TH.

It’s a raid tactic, and several times during clan war, I get two stars and overall damage of 70 percent, but it also wins 3 stars on several occasions. The Valkyries are very impervious and appear immortal in 4 healing spells.

Strategy 2

At Town Hall 9, there is a relatively successful 3-star attack strategy. Everybody has a different view on the right approach. What is the best? GoHo is the right approach to win the war and get 3 stars.

Composition: According to my strategy, the design is

Troops: two Golems and 24-Hogs, eight Wizards, and four Wall breakers.

Spells: you will require one jump, one rage, two heal, and one Poison spells.

Clan Castle: five Bowlers and one Poison.

Use the tank of 2 golems. Then use your wizards to clear those corner blocks. Once you remove those buildings, the heroes and CC bowlers can be utilized efficiently. (This is the attacking team). Keep ready the jumping spell and rage spell. You don’t want to be stuck your kill squad between walls. Your aim is to take that CC, Queen (the King, if possible), and some protections out of it.

The rest of the base looks like a crescent moon. That’s what we want, precisely. 

In this way, we can manage where our hogs go (they don’t expand too much) and make more productive use of our healing spells. 

Before the killing team fails, use your hogs. If you see the giant bomb or your near-splash protection, use your healing spells.

I like keeping some cleaning wizards.

You’re going to get a 3 star if you do it all right.


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