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Starlink: The Future Of Internet Connectivity, How To Get In Nigeria & Review 

Starlink internet

The Elon Musk Starlink is now available in Nigeria which is the internet connection that is provided by Elon Musk SpaceX satellite internet. 

Nigeria is the site of one of the first African countries to receive their service and the satellite is reportedly orbiting on Earth more than the regular ge0 satellite. 

All you need to enjoy the Starlink internet service is to point the Starlink hardware to the sky in any way you are either in Village or town which is said to power up faster internet Latency. 

A lot of questions have been asked since it has been launched in Nigeria so we are here to provide you with some of the questions you would like to know about Starlink internet in Nigeria. 

Starlink internet that has been provided in Nigeria has a faster internet speed of 50 500 Mbps we’d also have an internet latency of 20 milliseconds it’s an internet service provider network that has been over by Elon Musk SpaceX. 

Nigeria is one of the African countries that is said to enjoy fast internet service. 

Where is another internet service provider for people that residents in Nigeria anywhere around the national leader in town city or your village.

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The Elon Musk internet in Nigeria is said to be available to work in any place you reside in your area which is said to have faster and closer orbit than the regular geo satellite. 

Sterlink is tagged as one of the satellite internet that is operated by Elon Musk, we can’t say more about it but you should know more about them once you experience such internet service. 

The hardware that powers all the Internet service is now in place for orders for which you can get as low as $488 using a regular dollar card because your normal Naira card will not work for it. 

And it was also said that they have a regular monthly residential subscription plan for Starlink which is provided at N19,260 monthly services. 

That is up to $43 plus with a data subscription service that is said to be unlimited. 

Now we should be prone to processes or steps that involve how you can get that link in Nigeria. 

How To Get Starlink in Nigeria 

It is easy for you to be able to get your sterling in Nigeria which is why we come about the process that will lead you through the ways on how you can get your own Starlink Hardwell to enjoy the faster satellite internet service yourself. 

All you need to do is to just follow the steps that we are about to provide below but you should have it at the back of your mind that you will need some other requirements which entail some amount of money before you can think of getting your starlink internet service. 


  • You will need a naira amount of up to N500,00+ ($600)  before you can think of getting the Starlink ordered. 
  • You will need N268,584 amount of money in naira to get the Starlink hardware. 
  • And N192,60 amount of money in naira is also needed to cover love the service that allows you to browse the internet monthly on your Elon Musk Ineternet Hardware. 
  • The preorder charge was around $450 which can be converted to naira. 
  • The shippinig process is said to be free Across The Nation. 
  • Domiciliary account dollar card Virtual dollar card that can be gotten from platforms like Chipper cash & Pyppl
  • Other virtual dollar cards are also provided in crypto by Gotok if you feel like paying with cryptocurrency. 

How To Order For Starlink In Nigeria 

It is easy for you to order your Starlink hardware that will come with a subscription service plan which all you need to do is to. 

  1. Visit on your device by browser either on a laptop PC or your phone. 
  2. On the website, you will be provided with a place that should lead you to order. 
  3. You will be asked to provide your residential address which should be Nigeria on a particular space. 
  4. Once you provide the address you can click on the other button that should learn due to a page that is designed for Nigerians. 
  5. Then you can now read through the page and check or look around the general information that is provided on how you can get the Starlink hardware together with the subscription service. 
  6. You should get the service anywhere in your region which is said to have an internet download speed of 50 – 200 Mbps as of when we made this article. 
  7. And a 30-day trial is added to it. If it fails to work in your area then you can request a refund within that 30 days. 
  8. The shipping time is said to be close to 2 to 4 weeks and you will need to submit some information before you can proceed with the other. 
Starlink in Nigeria

Information That Is Needed To Order Elon Musk Internet Hardware In Nigeria 

Some of the information that you will need to provide before you can think of placing an order for your Starlink internet and where are. 

  • Your full name (first & Latest Name) 
  • Phone number and email address. 
  • The shipping address which you also have alternative shipping address lines two to three. 
  • City you base in and state follow up with your zip or postal code. 

How To Get Starlink Internet In Nigeria 

  1. After you have gotten any of this information or any requirements, then you can proceed in placing your order for your Starlink internet hardware. 
  2. Or before you move further you should have that at the back of your mind that your naira card will not work on the Starlink website. 
  3. To get any of the cards that we mentioned above from like Chippercash, Pyppl, and Gotok for crypto users. 
  4. Then you cannot proceed to get your sterling in Nigeria but just follow up with you from the page. 
  5. Provide the general information that is being hacked like your full name, phone number, and email address. 
  6. Then you can now move to the shipping address section where you have three options. 
  7. After that, you should click on the updated shipping address. 
  8. Then you are provided with other options like the amount of the subscription service and I’m out that the hardware recovers with. 
  9. Then you cannot click the complete order. You should prompt you to provide your card details so as to complete your order. 
  10. Once you complete it you will get a confirmation message through the email that you provide when filling up the form. 
starlink internet in nigeria

That is just how you can get that link in Nigeria and all you need to know in placing an order for starlink internet hardware. 

Now we would like to answer some other questions that most people would like to know about starlink. 

How Do Starlink Work

Starlink works in relation to the previous internet service provider you use. 

Which you will need to get the Elon Musk internet hardware before you can think of making use of it. 

That will also be attached with a subscription service which will allow you to browse through the satellite internet. 

You can learn how you can get one above through the comprehensive guide we made. 

What Is Starlink Network 

The StarLink network is a satellite internet network that is prompt to provide you with faster internet speeds up to 200mbps or more. 

How Much Is Starlink In Nigeria 

Starlink hardware costs or will cover all together with the service N500,000+ in naira currency,  if you wish to know how much is Sterling in Nigeria you can just go straight to and try to please order yourself know how much it costs in real-time? 

What Is Starlink Services 

The Starling service is more or less like a subscription plan that will make the Starlink hardware or Starlink internet start working for you? 

So anywhere you see service on the Starlink website or page you should know that it is proven to be a subscription service that allows you to browse the internet with your Starlink internet hardware. 

When Starlink Will Be Available in Nigeria 

Starlink is currently available in Nigeria as at when we made this article or content which you can go straight to their official website so as to get your own at a specific price. 

How Fast Is Starlink 

The Starlink internet is faster or has a very high-interest speed of 50 – 200 Mbps or more. Which you can enjoy once you install the service at your workplace home or place of residence. 

Starlink Internet Speed

When Starlink internet speed was tested in a particular area in Nigeria we got 231.93Mbps which seems to attract more Internet speed so the general Starlink internet speed started from 200mbps. 

Starlink Internet Speed Vs Mtn 5G Internet Speed

MTN is said to be one of the leading internet service providers in Nigeria and starlink will attract more competition between two parties or companies which is why most people make comparisons between them that make us have Starlink internet speed versus MTN 5G internet speed. 

MTN 5G was recently launched in Nigeria which has not covered most areas but darling has already stated that it can work anywhere in Nigeria so when the speed test was run. 

The MTN 5G internet speed provides us with 81.12Mbps and Elon Musk satellite internet speed we have 231.93Mbps as shown in the video and screenshots below. 

How To Install Starlink 

You should be provided with how to install Starlink once you place your order with a quick guide that should lead you through the ways of the installation process that will make your starlink internet start working. 

Or you can just say the support topic that will provide you with the setup and install process with some other things you will need to know about sterling. 

Download Starlink Apk (App) 

Sterling also provides an application that you make you gain control of the service completely the Starlink APK is also available for Android on the Google Play Store and the Elon Musk Internet app is available on the App Store for iOS iPhone users

You can download one from the download page will provide below which will help you to check obstruction and help you with some customized settings. 

And will also help you find the best location where you should place your Starlink hardware in your residence or earlier that can allow you to also access support through the app directly and some important data troubleshooting

The app is fully in control of helping you issue faster true contracting support on the Starlink app. 

App nameStarlink
TypeSatellite Internet Providers 
Version 2023.03.0
Download Size94MB
DevSpace Exploration Technologies Corp

Download Here

How Much Does Starlink Service Plan Cost Per Month

The installment service plan of sterling is up to $43 which is N19,260/month service plan in naira. 

We should get to know more about Starlink service cost per month once you get it yourself. 


We have just made a brief comprehensive review of Starlink internet in Nigeria we won’t stop from here for we will be bringing you different kinds of tips, Tech Tips that you need to know about Starlink. 

If you enjoy this this article and it’s informative to you then don’t forget to recommend it to your friends see you on our next review, 

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