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How To Get Standard Chartered 4k Jumia Voucher (N4000) 2022

As all know, standard chartered is full of surprising customers which most of our viewers and subscribers can witness such with us. Now we talk about how you can get the standard chartered 4k jumia voucher which is for free. Free N4000 SCB JUMIA voucher when you just carry out some easy task.

As I said earlier SC bank which is the full meaning of Standard Chartered Bank Has been surprising us for quite a long which we enjoy free N300 earlier from standard chartered bank when you open an account with them that one is gone they go ahead and bring another out which is get free N2000 from standard chartered when you just tell someone about the bank that it’s still on till date. 

Now is getting a free 4K jumia voucher from standard chartered when you carry out just some easy tasks let’s check it out. 

Requirements To Get The SCB Jumia Voucher 

  • A standard chartered account will be needed. 
  • SC bank account to claim the free voucher. 
  • Standard chartered bank active mobile app

Most people seem not to know what standard chartered JUMIA voucher is all about don’t worry, we will explain how you can get it, what the voucher is and how you can make use of it. 

What Is Standard Chartered Jumia Voucher? 

Jumia voucher is a ticket that you can use to purchase something from JUMIA online shopping, and since jumia black Friday it’s still on now is the best time to get the vouchers and use it to buy stuff from jumia every Friday in November that we are now. 

Now we talk about standard chartered jumia voucher, SCB or SC jumia voucher is a ticket which you can also use to buy anything from jumia online shopping but the voucher is issued by standard chartered bank and it’s 4k, N4000 for free which you can use to buy stuff on jumia. 

How To Get Standard Chartered 4K Jumia Voucher

  1. Some steps need to be taken before you can get the standard chartered jumia voucher. 
  2. You will need to fill a from before you can get the SCB jumia Voucher. 
  3. After that you will need to download the app
  4. And fund your standard chartered bank account with N4000.
  5. Then you will receive a jumia voucher. 
Standard chartered 4k jumia voucher

How To Claim Your SCB 4K Jumia Voucher 2022

  1. Click here to visit the SCB jumia voucher claim form page. 
  2. After that you will also see what to do from there. 
  3. Go to the form and fill it by providing your names, email address and phone number. SCB Voucher Claim Form
  4. All should be the one you use to open your standard chartered bank account. 
  5. If you don’t have a standard chartered bank account click here to know how to create one. 
  6. And next click here to download standard chartered mobile apps. 
  7. Lastly log-in with your account and fund your SCB account with N4000.
  8. After you have done that you will see your standard chartered jumia voucher once that is done. 

Some terms and conditions apply to the voucher which you need to follow. Let’s check it out. 

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Term And Conditions Apply To The Standard Chartered Jumia Voucher

  • After you have gotten the voucher is said to be valid form November 6 2020 to 31St of March 20201 which you need to make use of the voucher after the get it. 
  • You must fund your standard chartered account with N4000 which you need to do before the voucher will be sent to you and you should also download the standard bank mobile app. 
Standard chartered jumia voucher claim terms and conditions

Have you gotten your own SCB jumia Voucher? 

Let us know by viewing the comments section and also join our telegram channel to see more related posts. 

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