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Looking for the best alternative to your mod WhatsApp?, then you can try out Soula WhatsApp apk v6.40 2022. A lot of cool and new features will be discussed in this article, download links are also provided to download the app with instructions on how to install it.

Soula WhatsApp

Soula WhatsApp apk 2022 is Another WhatsApp mod with lots of unique features compared to the official WhatsApp app. Although this WhatsApp mod cannot be very well compared to the gbWhatsApp, yo WhatsApp, and the likes, it also has some cool features. If you’re looking for an alternate to your GB WhatsApp or yo WhatsApp then you can surely go for Soula WhatsApp.

Soula WhatsApp apk 2020

This new version of Soula WhatsApp is based on the official WhatsApp v2.200 available on PlayStore and contains some of the latest features of WhatsApp and more, including the UI. The mod WhatsApp contains lots of cool features and not all will be covered in this article, you can surely get to discover some yourself, however, we will list the mostly used and popular features of the mod WhatsApp.

Features of Soula WhatsApp 2022

Some most relevant features of Soula WhatsApp will be discussed below, some also include steps to activate them

Ban proof

Just like every other mod WhatsApp, this one also has the most popular Ban proof feature which allows even a banned user to access WhatsApp without the fear of getting banned again. This is a very cool feature and makes mod WhatsApp quite relevant compared to the official version.

Save status

This is a feature most WhatsApp users always wish they had. When you see an interesting update on a friend’s status, saving becomes a problem. This feature lets you instantly save any WhatsApp status directly to your phone, so you can see them again later.

Privacy options

Mod WhatsApp always gives you more privacy compared to the stock WhatsApp, you can decide whether to stay anonymously online, hide blue or second tick, prevent everyone from knowing you view their status, or be online 24/7, whichever it is Soula WhatsApp lets you customize your privacy settings however you want it.

Increased files sending

Unlike the stock WhatsApp that only allows you to send a video size of only 16MB and a maximum of 10 pictures, this Soula WhatsApp let’s you send a video of 100MB maximum and up to 99 pictures at a go. No stress whatsoever.

Increased status length

Another lame thing about WhatsApp is that the status video length is very limited but with this Soula WhatsApp, you can send a video of up to 1 hour on your status.

Dark theme

As mentioned earlier, the mod is based on the v2.20.200.22 PlayStore WhatsApp which has dark theme features, you can also use this feature on the Soula WhatsApp and make your WhatsApp look cooler.

DND mode

Which to get some private moments alone?, this DND feature automatically mutes all incoming messages and calls from your WhatsApp while you take all the time you want. But also remember to turn it off after you’re done with your private moment.

Multi chat

With this option, chatting has been made much easier as you can chat with multiple users at the same time on different Windows. No need to use the back button again, just switch tabs and you’re on the next chat.Soula WhatsApp apk 2020

How to install

To install this app, there is no special process involved, just the old way of installing any other app. Follow the steps below if you do not know how to manually install an android app.

  1. Download the app from the download link that is provided below.
  2. Then just before you install the app, make sure that your android device is set to allow installation from unknown source (just go to settings >security>and from here you can switch the toggle for “allow installation from unknown source” on)
  3. Now locate the Soula WhatsApp 2022 app that you downloaded and directly install it.
  4. Launch the app, sign in with the normal WhatsApp process, tweak the app the way you want it and enjoy!

Download Soula WhatsApp Apk v6.40 2022 Download

Follow any of the links provided below to download the Soula WhatsApp mod directly to your android phone and follow the steps above to easily install the app.

Download Here

What’s new?

  • Based on sock WhatsApp v2.20.200.22 PlayStore’s latest version
  • Hide chat
  • Manage files
  • Change DND icon
  • Group description in the header
  • Ability to send messages to noncontact
  • More security options
  • Activities log
  • Toast notifications
  • Group calls with picture-in-picture feature
  • And lots more…

Additional information

App name Soula WhatsApp
App size36.7MB
App versionv6.40
DeveloperSoula mods team
Supported deviceAndroid v5.0, and above

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Download Soula WhatsApp v6.40

Soula WhatsApp Apk v6.40


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