How To Get Simo Data 10GB for N1 Hot Data Deal

simo 10GB data for N1

Here we are again with a great surprise which is one of the best and most affordable data plans that we have seen so far which is granted by simo we call it’s data from simo seems to be like simo data plan oops 10GB data for N1 let’s say it in words again just one naira.



Most of us might have come through such words before and not know what it’s meant or come through an app
called simo before and you don’t even know what it is . Just don’t worry we will tell you all what Simo is all about in this article.



What Is Simo?


Simple words and in layman language simo is a platform that offers internet browsing without your mobile data network or with any network connection on your phone view the power of the sim app.


This is unlike the esim that most network providers are about to get available on some major phone but simo has
been into existence now quick long a little if am not mistaken some ending of the last year 2019 or being of 2020.


Most purchased Tecno,infinix, and itel our noble mobile android phone nowadays do come with a sim app which
allows us to enjoy the simo internet connection without our main network provider like mtn, airtel, glo and
9mobile network present on the phone.


Yes it’s possible and it’s work’s where this app has been working for quite a long to our discovery started with
tecno camon 12 now on other latest tecno and infinix phones now the simo app is pre-installed on any phone it’s supported on.


The major purpose of this article is to let you know about a special offer that is attached to the simo data plan
which is getting a simo data of 10GB for just N1 which is somehow strange but it’s really let get into it.


How To Get Simo 10GB Data For N1

  1. To get the data you need to have a Tecno Camon 16 Premier.
  2. The phone is one of the latest tecno phones.
  3. The simo app which is already installed on the app.
  4. And some internet connection to get the simo data deal done.


Then we move to the process to activate the data plan on the simo bonus data deal that is being stated on the app.



How To Activate Simo 10GB Data For N1

  1. To activate the simo 10GB data for N1.
  2. Open the simo app on your Tecno camon 16 premier.
  3. Make sure you are connected to an internet service.
  4. Then after you open the app on the stated tecno phone.
  5. Then you will find the offer banner to be tab stating the 10GB for N1.
    simo 10GB data for N1
  6. Tab on the banner and you will be led to the process you will carry to get the simo 10GB plan activated.


Once it’s been activated you can now connect to the internet view the app and start browsing as you like all for fun.



How Many Days The Data Is Valid For?


The simo 10GB data plan is valid for just 15 respectively.

That is once the plan has been activated you can use it and it will last for just 15 days.


How Many Devices Are Eligible For This Simo Offer?


Just only the latest launched Tecno Camon 16 Premier can be able to enjoy the simo 10GB data plan. Other devices that support simo service on their phone can’t and won’t be able to get the offer.


How Many Times Can I Enjoy The offer?


You can only get the simo 10GB data for N1 at once, so once the data is being activated for once it won’t work again till another offer it’s being rolled out.



How Can I Install The Simo App?


The simo app doesn’t need installation for any device that is supported and will find the app present on it
without being installed.


And no need to download from the play store all through it can be found on play store likely for an upgrade.



Which Time The Simo 10GB Data Offer Will End?


The offer which is the simo 10GB for N1 affordable data offer is said to be valid from 22nd of September to 08 of October.


So it’s left to act for and get your own Tecno Camon 16 Premier so that you can enjoy the bonus data deal.


Not only that apart from the offer simo offers the most affordable data plan and deal compared to our main noble network provider data service.


So what are you still waiting for? Go now and grab your own simo data offer for it’s real.


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