How To Make Use Of Root Access On Android Without Rooting Your Phone


Many users out there love to root their android phone in order to perform some specific tasks on their android smartphone which entails rooting before they can perform such task. There are many things you can do or capable of doing once you root your android phone or device. 


Since android 6 to 7 has taken off ways to root an android seems to be difficult or impossible for some devices due to some security attached to the android version. But for android version 5 downward you can actually person root task on it by simply downloading some rooting app like kingroot, iroot, supersu root etc. 


What we are about to discuss now is making use of android 6 upwards to  Android11 that will like to make use of android root access without rooting their phone but first we talk about. 


What is Android Root? 

The android root specifically entails hacking into an android phone just like how they unlock iOS just to get full control access of an android phone and be able to perform more multi-task processes on your android devices. 


Why did I have to root my android? 

This is a big question and seems above faq as already explain what you should know about android root and why you should root your phone, once you root your android phone then you’ve got full control of your android device without being restricted from not carrying out any task or hard task. 


That what most android users don’t know and android restrict some process that should be carried out on your android devices by yourself, some is said to be because of your safety, which some people believe rooting your android phone will make your phone brick. 


Brick of an android phone simply means an android will stop operating normally or will not turn on again that might end up to completely dead which might not on again but that’s some lie, because rooting your android phone does not cause that. 


What causes that most is by carrying out some high task on the android devices once it’s been root which might be tempered with the android program device that might cause it to bring. 


That is what most people fear that makes them not to try to root their android phone or smartphone


Now we talk about two things you can do that will make you gain root access on your android phone without rooting the smartphone. 


How To Make Use Of Root Access On Android Without Rooting 

  • Making use of already rooted android operating system OS (VMOS Virtual Machine Operating System).VMOS Virtual machine android root operating system
  • And making use of a pc emulator called Memu play. Memu play root pc emulator

These are the best two ways to get to use root access on your android phone without rooting it and get to use root access on your android phone. Let’s get to it. 


What Is VMOS? 

As then name implies and as we called it early VMOS is an operating system which is specifically designed for android phones or devices and it’s said to be a virtual machine just like the virtual machines that we installed on our Windows operating system to make you use more than one operating system on the same operating system. 

VMOS Virtual machine android root operating system

VMOS virtual machine operating system it’s just like an android app which you can just download and install on your android phone and once you install it automatically the virtual machine will already be root without your need of rooting it. 


With VMOS you can have access to running two android operating systems at a time without any stress, not just root access you will get control of using two android phones and get to entails to more stuff on android phone. 


If you know about virtual machines then you should know how VMOS App or software for android works. 


Basic Features Of VMOS Android Root

  • Allow two accounts to be made use of online at once. VMOS android root access without rooting android devices
  • Social multi task access such as running two social media at the same time. VMOS rooted android device operating system
  • Root access on the virtual machine has been already installed or rooted. 
  • Some tools and games that are needed to be used for root access are supposed on this android operating system.
  • It allows apps to be running on background without interrupting or interrupted by other apps.Android root access without rooting 
  • Well designed and customized android features are installed on this operating system. 


How To Download VMOS Virtual Machine 

  1. Click here to head straight to VMOS official download page. 
  2. There are two versions of VMOS that are available there. 
  3. Which both are free the Vmos pro version and the normal version. 
  4. Click to download anyone of your choice and the download process will start at once. 

Make sure you have upto 700MB on your device before you start downloading VMOS to gain root access. 


How To Install VMOS Operating System Android Root 

  • Once the download process is successful then what else is to install. 
  • No hard process involved in the installation process of this app or software. 
  • Make sure you’ve enabled the untrusted source installation process on your device. 
  • The process can be carried out by heading straight to your android phone settings. 
  • Look for the security settings and enable the unknown source install button. 
  • That’s all you can now click on the VMOS virtual machine to install. 

Finish the installation and enjoy android root access without rooting your main android operating system. 


We actually made mention of a PC software too which can make you get root access too but that’s if you have a pc device available and this software is an emulator which is one of the best PC emulator out there that make you enjoy using android app on PC without no stress and get root access. 


What is Memu play? 

Memu play is simply a computer or Pc software which enables you to make use of an android app and get android access on your PC device that makes you also to get root access using this software too it’s a pc well designed emulator. 

Memu play root for pc

This emulator has many features and set-up which one of the best features is to get to install more then one android emulator on your PC called Multi-Memu play. 


Features Of Memu Play Pc Emulator Root

  • Support root access without having to root. Memu play android root access without rooting
  • Allow setting implementation for fast and best performance.
  • Users can install more then one emulator just like more then one android operating system. Memu play android root access best performance
  • Memu play is one of the best PC emulators compared to others like Blue stack, Nox Player and others. 


How To Download Menu play 

  • End straight to memu play official page to get the software download. 
  • Once you’ve downloaded the exe file you can then prepare to install. 
  • Make sure you have enough data before you start the download process. Download memu play root

How To Install Memu Play For Root

  1. Locate the download memu play exe file you download on your pc. 
  2. Click on it and follow the set-up page. 
  3. Read every step before you proceed. 
  4. Once the installation has been successful. 
  5. You will be asked to enable the virtual machine on your pc if it’s not enabled. 
  6. Search online to enable the virtual machine according to your pc version or model. 

Once you’ve installed the software you can now get to use android root access without rooting your android smartphone. 



This article is mainly for people that love to make use of root access on their android devices and don’t love to root their own specific android operating system. 


You might or will get to know and get more knowledge about technology which will expose people to grap it and learn something about technology for educational purposes. 


Is there anything you want us to add to this article that we don’t? 


State it on the comments section and we look into it together. Comments help a lot. 


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