Raven App: Review About 1000 Raven Referral Bonus

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The Raven app has made it clear that they will be giving out a 1,000 referral bonus but more people seem to be confused about this which makes us come about The Raven app review. 

Generally, most people who seem to take this up as Roqqu app which make them to college Raven for Roqqu it seems to work for hand two hands. 

But these are two different platforms that you need to know about Roqqu operate as a crypto platform and having the operation is something we are going to talk about in this article. 

About Raven

Raven is more or less like an online banking platform that you will know about which provides services for its users to bank through their official app called raven app. 

They offer digital online banking services to their users across the globe which you should know about right now if you don’t know. 

They have been in existence for quite a long time. You need to know about Roqqu and yeah then you should know about Raven. 

But they seem to want more people to know about them, which makes them launch their referral program that will allow people to get 1,000 if they partake in the program. 

But most people still don’t know how this works which makes us come to this article that speaks more about reviews on Raven 1,000 referral bonus or reward. 

So before we move someone will like you to know some other things that you can make the app all that you can use the app to do so let me move into it. 

Basic Features Of Raven App

  • As you said earlier Raven app is designed to provide you with a banking system that can be carried out online. 
  • It offers free transfers to any of their related local banks but is Limited. 
  • The free transfer access that each user has is 30 which will be charged after that 10 Naira per transfer after the exhaustion of the free trial. 
  • Other bank duty charges and stamp duty charges will not be attached to what’s making use of Raven. 
  • Payment for cable and other related news can be carried out using the mobile app or Raven app. 
  • You can carry out all the forms of investment services on this platform using the app. 
  • Sending money between two Raven users is totally free and straightforward. 
  • You can as well request a visual card likewise a physical card that can be used to carry out the withdrawal of funds on your raven account. 

You will get to know more about the features on this site once you get it downloaded and installed on your device so let’s move to what is a nurse about this platform which is nothing but the registration process. 

Yes, we know you are eager to know more about these 1000 Naira referral bonuses but just try to stick to the end of this article so as to get the complete review of The Raven app and The Raven referral bonus. 

How To Register On Raven

You know that once you register completely and verify your account or verify your Avon account using our referral code alitech then you will get yourself a 1000 registration bonus by following the process below:

  1. Firstly you will need to download them which can be done by clicking here
  2. Once you click on the link it will be related to a play store which is nice. I need to click on the install.                       
  3. The Raven app is installed on your device. Go ahead to open it and click on create an account. 
  4. From there you will need to enter your phone number and email and provide your password for login details. 
  5. On the next page, you will need to enter some other info like your username. You like to use my referral code which is alitech and proceed to the next step. 
  6. Go ahead and check your phone number for the 6-digit one-time thing that was sent to it. 
  7. After your provider number click on the continue button what nurse is to verify your account. 

How To Verification Your Raven Account 

What you need is to get your BVN (Bank Verification Number) and NIN (National Identification Card)  ready so as to get your Avon account fully verified. 

You will see a pop-up message that is starting for you to verify your Avon account so as to get an account number. 

raven app verification process
  • Go ahead to click on it and make sure that the name you provide earlier tally with the name registered with your BVN and NIN. 
  • After you click on it you’ll be provided with a space to provide the BVN and NIN and code or number. 
  • From there you’re gonna go ahead and provide it and verify it yours once the verification is completed. 
  • Then you are going to be rewarded 1000 registration bonus instantly. 

What You Need To Know About Raven App Referral Bonus or Registration Bonus

In some cases, the Raven general platform seems to play out some kind of game with its members. 

So instead of sticking with the 1000 referral and registration bonus. 

No, they didn’t stick to what they did once they saw that there are a lot of people that I have been going through the registration process on their app. 

They will switch the registration and referral bonus to 50 nairas which most people don’t know about. 

So if you don’t know about this now you should know right now that trying to get the registration or referral bonus from Raven is a 50/50 process. 

The 1000 registration bonus is not a 100% guarantee. 

How to earn 1000 Referral on Raven

You will like to hear any more through referral or rubbing if so then this process is for you. 

But you should know that the 1,000 referral reward is not 100% guaranteed because they can go ahead to switch it to 50 at any moment. 

raven app referral bonus

Before you carry out the process make sure you have fully registered and get your Raven account verified through the signup process that is provided above. 

You will need a referral link and a code to invite your friends to the platform which can be obtained as follows. 

  • Open The Raven app check below the app menu and clicks on more buttons. 
  • Then select referrals from there you can create your link. 
  • After the link is created use the share button provided there to share it with your friends. 
  • Under the more button menu bar check out the top of your username click on it to copy and that should be your referral code. 

Make use of these two things to invite your friends to the platform and enjoy the 1000 referral and registration bonus from Raven. 


Raven app is a banking app, if you can use it to deposit, send and receive money you can get to know how to carry out the process once you install the app on your device yourself. 

So after you carry out the sign-up or registration process that we mentioned above then you can now go ahead to send, receive or deposit money as you like. 

If you like to know more about this platform let us know in the comments section. 


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