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Rate Limit Exceeded Twitter: How To Fix For All Phones (Android & iPhone) 

Rate Limit Exceeded Twitter

One of the annoying errors that people face mostly on one of the giant social media platforms Twitter is the Rate Limit Exceeded error message which is annoying and most people wish to know how they can fix it on both their Android and iOS or iPhone later devices. 

The rate limit exceeded Twitter error is one of the noble error messages that people fix mostly on Twitter nowadays they will also like to know how and what causes the error before they can move forward to know how they can fix it. 

That is why we come across such articles to help you grab everything you need to know about the rate limit exceeded on your Twitter. 

Rate Limit Exceeded Meaning 

What’s the rate limit exceeded error that you might face on your Twitter account when scrolling through some tweets that you and I have reached the level of a number of tweets you can view on your particular account in the time range of 24 hours. 

There has been a new rule imposed on Twitter in general followed by the co that has been attached to Twitter which makes it to bring up the error limits of exceeding a certain rate. 

Twitter in general imposes this particular rule as a limit so as to counter some abuse of their data and data scraping which should also encourage users to purchase or make a subscription to Twitter Blue. 

This also Triggers the rate at which people go into getting alternatives for Twitter to a new social media platform called BlueSky

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All because different kinds of Rules and premium access or subscription has now been attached to Twitter, one of the giant social media platforms that are capable of carrying out several news through tweets on a regular basis. 

If you are also one of those people that can’t go ahead to pay for the subscription to Twitter Blue so as to stop seeing and stop getting the rate limit exceeded on your Twitter. 

And you wish to look for an alternative social media platform that looks like Twitter which is nothing but BlueSky which has or which is under construction by the previous Twitter CEO. 

You can go ahead to open a blue Sky account but before you do that you will need a blueSky code or referral code which you can learn how you can get one from one of the articles we have provided on our page on how to get blueSky code

People love free things so they are imposing new rules that might Force people to pay for a subscription to Twitter Blue service on a regular basis for $8 per month. 

Rate Limit Exceeded Error On Twitter

That is one of the solutions that can solve the rate limit exceeded error on your Twitter but if you wish to know all the ways that can save you from getting the limit once you are retreating and liking different tweets then you can just follow up to the end of this article. 

How The Rate Limit Exceeded On Twitter Started 

The rate limit exceeded that you now face on your Twitter started after the CEO made an address of imposing some particular rules which should stop the extreme level that they have gotten in data scraping and other forms of system manipulation on Twitter. 

That makes them attach the temporary limitation of what people can do on Twitter on a daily basis for 24 hours. 

So it was stated that unverified accounts on Twitter power 600 posts per day on Twitter and do all the activities on treating retreating and liking. 

Why verified accounts with the Twitter Blue subscription are limited to Reading up to 6000 posts on a daily basis. 

And also new unverified accounts can also go through up to 300 posts per day after they exceed their limit then they will start seeing the error message or some kind of notice that the rate limit is exceeded. 

That is just what actually causes the limitation and some kinds of messages that you see now on your Twitter account. 

How To Fix The Rate Limit Exceeded Twitter On iPhone And Android 

Now you have known part of the reasons or some of the reasons that might be brought up: the rate limit exceeded error on your Twitter either if you are making use of iPhone or Android devices. 

We are still going to talk about some of the major reasons that might make you receive such messages or errors on your Twitter account. 

The board is better to know how you can fix it or fix the error if you face search-related challenges. 

One of the best ways to fix this error is by getting a Twitter Blue subscription or subscribing to it. 

We are going to show you the steps and procedures guys that you need so as to fix the rate limit exceeded on Twitter by getting the Twitter Blue subscription. 

How To Subscribe To Twitter Blue So As To Fix Rate Limit Exceeded 

  • To subscribe to Twitter Blue all you need is to go to the Twitter app available on your iPhone or Android device. 
  • You should have login your Twitter account earlier or just gone ahead to log in to your account to the app. 
  • Then click on the profile icon that is located at the top left corner of the Twitter app’s main menu. 
  • Then select the options menu that is stated as Twitter blue so as to proceed with the subscription. 
  • Once you get to the page you see after you click on the option you will be provided with features and all the benefits you will get by using Twitter Blue. 
  • Once you’ve read through it to your satisfaction you can now click on the subscribe button or other alternative button you see as getting Twitter blue. 
  • Then you will be asked to enter your payment method and provide your card details followed up with some other information. 
  • After you enter the information and your payment method plus your card details then you will be provided with the subscription terms and conditions which we need to review. 
  • After your review is completed then you can click on the subscribe button so as to complete the subscription. 
  • Once that is done, you should not get a successful message stating that you have gotten and subscribed to treat her blue at $8 per month. 

One of the benefits is by using the range of getting the limitation message rate limit exceeded on your Twitter. 

Other Reasons That Causes Rate Limit Exceeded On Twitter 

We’ve just conveyed one of the reasons I’m both that might let you see the rate limit exceeded message or error on your Twitter. 

It is better to use to stick around to know some other ways or reasons that my courses did rate limit exceeded error on Twitter. 

Some of the things that might also cause your guitar to pop you up with the message rate limit exceeded are by engaging in excessive activities which are done automatically. 

Some of these excessive activities are as regards spamming on Twitter which might involve sending too many tweets and doing many more likes and retreating in or within some minutes. 

That might also make your Twitter be imposed on weight limit. 

When you also make your Twitter account interact through API then you can also get the rate limit exceeded error, because anything that engages with Twitter API allows you to run Twitter on a third-party app. 

And once the request is getting too much then your account may be imposed on limitation. 

If you also create I have that integrate sweetheart to you ABI as a developer then the Twitter account that is linked or integrated with such up can also cause to bring up the limitations. 

These are some other ways that can allow people to experience the rate limit exceeded on Twitter. 

Other Ways That Can Be Used To Fix Rate Limit Exceeded On Twitter 

One of the major ways or other ways that can be used to solve the rate limit exceeded on your Twitter account once you experience such an error or message is by switching to “Twitter web“.

That is if you can purchase Twitter Blue and you still wish to make use of Twitter after you get the message or error on your Twitter account then you can just look for an alternative way by making use of Twitter on your phone browser or computer browser like Chrome on Android and a browser like Safari on iPhone. 

You can just go to any of these browsers or any related browser you have on your phone and switch to private mode or incognito mode to log in to your Twitter account. 

Buy visit their official Twitter website either by using your phone or your computer PC. 

Just make sure you make use of the incognito tab or private mode on your browser so as to bypass the exceeding limitation error you see on the major Twitter app. 

Another alternative method that can help you to bypass all the restrictions that have been imposed on your Twitter account is by making use of VPN virtual private networks. 

Wish you can just go ahead to install any available women that you can make use of either for free or paid version on your mobile phone. 

Turn It On by selecting different servers available on the VPN. 

And go back to open your Twitter account which the rate limit exceeded error should have disappeared after you have been connected to a particular VPN. 

The final way that you can use to fix this error or stop in this area is to wait till you. Which has been imposed on your Twitter account. 

Some Other Things To Know About This Twitter Restrictions 

There are other things you need to know about the restriction that Twitter has imposed on some major accounts and people that cannot purchase Twitter blue which is a verified Twitter account. 

But we can’t make mention of everything for we will just try our best to list some other things you need to know about the rate limits that have been set aside on different accounts. 

This section seems as if it will be provided in the form of a frequently asked question on the rate limit exceeding which age should not be called once because what we are going to be listening to or telling you about this limitation should not be more or less like two to three. 

Some of them include:

How To Fix Rate Limit Exceeded Without Twitter Blue Subscription 

Here is one of the things that most people wait for ways to fix the rate limit exceeded error on Twitter without a Twitter Blue subscription to know. 

If you’re one of those that wish to know if they can fix the weight limit exceeded error on Twitter without subscribing to Twitter blue then this section is for you. 

You can actually use the method we stayed above by switching to a web browser incognito to a private mode and making use of a VPN so as to know if the rate limit is exceeded error will disappear, that is without subscribing to Twitter Blue. 

But if it doesn’t disappear then you should stay home and keep coming back to check this article because we are going to be sharing with you different major ways that you can use to fix the limitation without subscribing to Twitter Blue. 

How To Know If Twitter Blue Is Available In My Regoin 

Well said the Twitter blue is actually not available in all regions because they are still rolling it out to some major regions as at when this article was published. 

But if you wish to know if Twitter blue is available in your region all you need to do is to open the Twitter app on your phone and go to the Twitter blue section. 

Then you can know if it’s available in your region from the next page you will see by clicking on Get Twitter blue and subscribing to it. 

Other Alternative Social Media Like Twitter That Doesn’t Have a Rate Limit Exceeded 

One of the alternative social media platforms that you will suggest to you so as to take as another form of Twitter is BlueSky which was launched by the main founder and previous CEO of Twitter. 

And most people that make use of this app made a review about it that it’s much more like your Twitter or Twitter. Truth Social also looks and is one of the alternative ways of switching from Twitter to another social media which shouldn’t be imposed with any form of error or limitation like rate limit exceeded. 

Final Say

You can still share if you can also share some knowledge you have about the issue that people are having using the discussion section in which no particular knowledge is a waste. 

And let us also know how you were able to counter this particular era that you are also facing and your Twitter account. 

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