Pringpro Review- Learn How To Earn 50,000 Weekly ( legit or scam? )


As you all know we don’t just make a publication on online money making tips anyhow. This is because of the advent of a lot new online money making platforms out there which most of them come out to be a scam, we make necessary findings to pick from the legitimate ones which we’ve found one for now called Pringpro.


This is another legit way to make money online and we are going to prove its legitimacy to you and how you can earn up to N50,000 weekly from this site all in this review, so grab your popcorn and a cold drink as I take you along in this interesting review.


What is Pringpro? 

Pringpro is said to be an investment platform that has been in existence since 2017, then later went digital in 2020, their aim is to give room for investors with little knowledge of foreign exchange and how people can make their money works to provide for the investors. 

Yea you guys might not have heard of such a platform before indeed Pringpro is an online platform that has been in existence for a while now and has been paying massively, Its deals majorly on investment, and they give their investors a 50% Return on investment (ROI) on every investment they make, this platform is set to allow people make money online from Forex, without having any knowledge of Forex trading.

Their referral bonus includes 2% of your referrals investment, Earning can be withdrawn anytime, let’s check more about what the Pringpro Investment platform is all about.

We all know that there are many scam investment platforms and many people have been scammed from most online money-making platforms that are when it comes to investment stuff, but not to worry we will review this site for you to the end and you will see what the platform called Pringpro is all about, so let’s get to it.


How To Earn on Pringpro

As earlier said, the platform is an investment platform which implies that you need to invest on the platform to earn massively.


  • BUT HERE IS A TRICK; Pringpro gives 2% of your referral investment to you as a referral bonus and this is given to all users both investors and noninvestors, which means you can earn even without investing with Pringpro all you have to do is just refer a friend who wants to invest and you get 2% of his investment.


Pringpro Investment operates based on investment packages which ranges from as low as N1000 – N100,000 which all gives 50% Return of investment (ROI) and you can invest multiple times on one account which up to 10 times on you dashboard,  this means you can have an investment up to 1 Million Naira at a time on pringpro, 

Pringpro packages includes

  • PFX 1: where you invest N1,000 to cashout N1,500 in 12 days. 
  • PFX 2: where you invest N3,000 to cashout N4,500 in 12 days. 
  • PFX 3: where you invest N5,000 to cashout N7,500 in 15 days. 
  • PFX 4: where you invest N10,000 to cashout N15,000 in 20 days. 
  • PFX 5: where you invest N50,000 to cashout N75,000 in 25 days. 
  • PFX 6: where you invest N100,000 to cashout N150,000 in 30 days.


Pingpro package plan

On Pringpro Fx you can invest up to 10 times at a time on a single account, which makes it possible to invest up to 1 Million Naira at once. Visit their website via; to know more.


Referral Earning Strategies On Pringpro 

Referral on Pringpro isn’t compulsory, just as said earlier but Pringpro referral is another easy way you can earn online by bringing new members you earn 2% of their investment, every member are eligible to earn from their referral program which makes it flexible, just sign up and copy your referral link then refer and earn.

As we all know this platform proves they will return your money back with a value-added rate which is said to be the investment that we would like to tell you how you can join the Pringpro investment packages and how these people allow you to make your money grow for you.


How To Join Pringpro Investment Program

Pringpro is very easy to join, you just need some required criteria to get you as a member on this platform, the criteria includes;

  • Your Full Name
  • Username
  • Email Address 
  • And password


  1. Click here to locate the Pringpro official website registration page.
    Pringpro sigup page
  2. Once you input all the required details click on Sign Up and then you’ll be successfully registered.
  3. After successful registration then clicks on add investment as it is in the diagram below to add an investment, you can add up to 10 investment on one account depending on your capacity.
    Pringpro review
  4. To add an investment, you can either do that automatically but paying via the website by clicking continue to pay with your card or contact a coupon vendor which they refer to as E-pin purchase, the E-pin vendor will sell to you an epic to which you can use in place of investment.
  5. To locate an E-pin vendor Click here to locate the Pringpro admin that will help you generate your code once you’ve paid for the plan or WhatsApp this number: +2347084100393.
  6. And once your code has been generated go back to your dashboard and input the code in the required box, as it’s in the picture below.
  7. Once you’ve input the E-pin you purchased from the vendor inside the box just click on the submit button and your investment will automatically start counting down automatically.
  8. What you need to do now is to wait for the speculated amount of days based on the package you invested for and when your investment gets ripe you get your money back with the 50% extra profit.
  9. If you refer you will get 2% of your referrals investment, you can use my referral link to start up


The platform claims exclusively that they give 50% Return Of Investment (ROI) to all investors on their platform and I’m sure you all are wondering how they make their money too, let’s check out how they make their own profits; 


How Pringpro Make Make Profits and How they Invest People’s Money

We’ve made thorough findings and contacted their support team which in turn claims the platform is owned by every user who invests in it because they keep the platform running through their investments.

And this team made us know that there a group of Professional Forex Traders who in turn help investors to invest their money in the Forex Market to make a maximum profit then which makes them pay their investors massively 

They strictly involve in Forex which they have been running this service for 3 years since 2017 up till date, they have been operating manually before then moved digital in 2020 they still use the same process to increase the money people invest in their platform.

This is another dimension of growing people’s money and it seems interesting to us.


Is Pringpro Fund Scam Or Legit?

While making a very researched review on the way this platform operates and the strategies they use in growing people’s money and in fact their referral bonus which is not too good to be true, or too expensive to handle.

Pringpro seems to be legit as it doesn’t promise too much and in fact, its investment strategy which is Forex is not a bad idea as we all know it’s one of the best ways people legitimately make money online and double their money.

Pringpro is not a new company, it has been in operation since 2017 and has been surviving for the past 3 years manually then later launched digitally on 15th of October 2020, it’s quite known to everyone that its rear for a platform like this to survive for such a long period of time and still keep on paying

Another probe of legitimacy is that this platform claims every investor keeps it running and makes up the Pringpro team which is always accessible, it has an available and reachable customer support phone number for complaints and all.

I’m sure most of you all have been looking for this kind of great opportunity to make maximum profit every day, So it’s better to join now and invest what you have on this platform so you can earn massively.

We actually don find any scam result or red light on Pringpro investment program because even the founders do not hide their identity from the site.

Note: Investment on this platform is at your own risk, we made this review does not implies that we force you into this.



We’ve done our possible best to bring you the best of best out of any money-making platform out there or most specifically online money-making aspect.

So try to go through the review and make your choice, for your information it’s good to invest in the future purpose to invest in Pringpro without regret.


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