Palmpay Free Money / Free Data Bonus 2022 – How To Get

Palmpay free data bonus

If you know about Palmpay app before then it is better you know about the latest update that you can get from it which is now Palmpay free Data bonus all free Palmpay which is what we are going to be talking about in this article. 

Palmpay has now introduced interesting features that allowed users to get free Data bonus on a casual basis whenever they make any transaction. 

If you have one that loves to transact on a casual basis then you have been searching for love that gives out free data the Palmpay app is recommended for you. 

About Palmpay

Palmpay app is an herb that can be used to pay out your bills and purchase some other things with the help of the app you will be allowed to buy airtime babies and some other related things that you can do on the app as long as you can also make a transaction using this particular app called Palmpay. 

The recent features that we talk about on Palmpay free Data bonus will allow you to make you constantly make use of the app to make any other transaction you feel like you want to make due to the free Palmpay or data bonus that is attached to it. 

Why we tag this article Palmpay free Data bonus 2022 is because this particular platform is found of surprising people with different kinds of offers by giving out free Palmpaypoint and giving out real Palmpay as a bonus when they carry out some certain tax like a refund a friend’s or getting ways of making a transaction on the app. 

You can get to know more about the Palmpay app when you get to download it on your device and sign up as a member that wishes to make use of the platform. 

How to sign up on the Palmpay App

Firstly you will need to download the Palmpay app which can be done by clicking here

And once you download you can go ahead to sign up you using your phone number and some other data you can get more info about how you can sign up on the Palmpay app here

We are going to be moving about how you can get your Palmpay free Data bonus as this article is all about. 

Palmpay free data

How to get Palmpay free Data bonus

Once you have really used the above process to sign up on the Palmpay app then you can now follow the low process to get your casual free Data bonus on the same app. 

  • Go to the app and open it to log in to your account. 
  • Find the service options menu that is tagged at service and you should see this align with the name free data. 
    Palmpay free money
  • Click on the free data button and next select get data. 
  • You will now be stated with an available task that will allow you to earn the Palmpay free Data bonus. 
  • Once you follow up or carry out such a task you will be anything to earn free Data whenever you make use of the Palmpay app.

But you should also know that every data bonus that you want to carry out has a daily number limit for every user or participant. 

Palmpay app free data bonus

Apart from getting free data on the Palmpay app you will be opportune to get free bank transfer up to 90 times with no charge which is also what we called free money from this platfrom. 

So in summary, once you sign in on the platform you will get to have 90 transactions for free every single month once you carry out any bank transfer on the app. 


This article talks directly about the Palmpay free Data bonus which triggers or which also talks about how you can get free money on this platfrom, there are also some great features about the app which we have also talked about in some of our previous posts that you can look into yourself. 


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