Oreo Tv Apk 1.9.5 Download Latest Version For Android Free

Have you been searching for where to download oreo tv apk? No more worries for you will be able to download latest version of oreo tv apk 1.9.5 on this page with a direct download link easy download and enjoying streaming your movies. 

You still don’t know what oreo tv app is? Lol, you are missing if so before this app is one of
the best apps out there that is used to stream any movie you want and TV series-related
movies and more video streaming features that are available on this app the latest version is
now available for free download

Oreo Tv Apk

This app oreo tv is designed just for entertainment which provides its users with the capacity
to stream different kinds of tv known as television stations, Tv series movies, any favorite movies, sport-related news and footballs, and more. 

If you love entertaining yourself 24/7 with movies to watch or watch tv then this app is the
appropriate one for you to get the best HD quality streaming features on the app which
consumes your mobile data and is less fully compressed

oreo tv live streaming apk


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Oreo Tv


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Basic Features Of Oreo Tv Apk

The latest version of Oreo tv apk v1.9.5 came with some best and amazing features compared to the old version, which can’t also be compared with other related streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and more. 

Because of what they offer, which is one of the interesting parts of offering most of their services for free which you can’t even expect but until you install this app, unlike other competitors that offer the same streaming services which are fully premium. 

Oreo Tv offers services on other devices like iOS, PC, and Smart Tv which all carry different kinds of features that you can even make mention all, they are amazing with different kinds of streaming features that are available on the app both on android version and other devices. 

We will like to list some of the features below, stay with us and read to the end. 

  • Login Info Not Required: you can start making use of the app to stream even though you don’t log in or register on this app oreo tv, no signing-up issue required you can just open the app and start making use of it stream for free. 
  • The Services Are For Free:  this app provides free streaming services to its users which you don’t need to place any subscription or place to others for any premium service before you can start making use of the app. It’s free and easy to make use of. 
  • Streaming fully Compressed: The streaming features on this app are fully compressed which whenever you are streaming on oreo tv app you will not experience too much data consumption for it’s been compressed to the level that will make your streaming not consume much data. 
  • Have Best View For UI/UX: oreo tv apk provides its users with the best user experience and amazing user interface UI/UX which you will also enjoy when making use of such an app easy to navigate with an amazing display. 
  • Loaded With Different Kind Of Channel: for those who love to stream tv channels directly then you don’t need to worry much about that again for the oreo tv app is loaded with different kinds of tv channels just to satisfy you and get what you want. 
    You will get to see up to 600 plus live channels that are available on the app just to entertain you easy to watch for free. oreo tv android apk
  • Requested Movies Available: incase you don’t know related movies or movies that are being requested are available on this platform which is always available for streaming for free use and no premium charges available before you can start using it. 
  • HD Quality Streaming View: even still when the video or movie you are to stream are compressed on this platform for easy streaming you can still get yourself to enjoy HD quality view on the app to make your streaming experience better. 
  • Zero Ads Display: What most people heat when making use of any app is seeing different kinds of apps popping up and down, for your info the Oreo tv app came with no ads. It’s ad-free and makes the interface easy to usage. 

Download Oreo Tv Apk Latest Version 

The ways in which people can get this app for different kinds of devices might be different which the way the oreo tv app will be gotten for android devices is different for iOS but it will be stated below. 

oreo tv apk

Oreo Tv App Android Version 

  • To get your app for the android version you will need a download link which will be provided below. 
  • Single download link available for android version of oreo tv app. 
  • When downloading make sure you are downloading the original version of the. 
  • Use the link below to get your app download. 
App name  Oreo Tv 
Download size 10MB
Version  1.9.5
Type Streaming App
Upadate Date 08/04/2021

How To Install

  • Once you successfully download the app using the download link above. 
  • Visit the download page on your browse to install the app. 
  • Before you install make sure you’ve enabled an unknown install source for your android device. 
  • That can be done under the security setting option. 
  • Once you enable it, you can now go back to the apk you just download on the download page. 
  • And begin the installations,  follow the installation page to finish up and you are good to go. 

How To Download And Install Oreo Tv Apk For Pc

It’s rare to get the Oreo tv app for PC but we will be explaining to you how you can get the app available for your PC and make use of it to stream. 

  • To install the Oreo tv app on PC you will need an android emulator for your pc. 
  • And also download the oreo app android version used above the download link. 
  • We recommend you download the Memu android pc emulator which is one of the best pc android emulators out there. Memu play android emulator
  • After you have installed the menu play emulator for your pc go ahead and open it. 
  • Make sure you convert the emulator to mobile view so that you can enjoy the usage. 
    memu play mobile view for oreo tv
  • After that has been done now locate the oreo tv android apk you just download or copy the app from your android device to pc. 
  • Now open the emulator and click on the apk button to install oreo tv on your pc through the emulator. 
    Install oreo tv on pc
  • Then you can now locate the oreo tv app on your pc folder and click on it to begin the installation process. 
  • Once it’s successfully installed you can now open it and start streaming with the app on your pc easy as that. 

I hope you have been able to install and download oreo tv apk for your pc device. 

How To Download And Install Oreo Tv On Firestick Tv

The process we are going to use to install and download oreo tv apps on firestick tv is somewhat complicated but it will be better if you follow up to the end so that you won’t miss any steps. 

oreo tv app
  • Turn on your firestick tv and click on setting on the main menu of the tv. 
  • Locate the My fire tv and tap on the option settings. 
  • The process we use for android too will be used on the aspect which entails you should enable unknown install source on your tv. 
  • Once that has been done view the developer setting now to install the app. 
  • Head straight to your firestick TV and search for the downloader on the menu then open it. 
  • It’s an application which you need to download and install on your tv first it will enable us to download and install our oreo tv app. 
  • After it has been downloaded and installed successfully, open it, and allow all permission for the app downloader apk. 
  • The app can now be used to download our main app oreo tv just by going to the URL bar. 
  • And type in “com/oreo” click on enter and its will start downloading. 
  • Once it’s finished downloading then you can now install and you get your TV what you want. 
  • You can start streaming on oreo tv app with your firestick tv. 

In case you have any questions pls state it and let’s find solutions to it. 

Download Oreo Tv Apk 1.9.5

Oreo Tv Original Apk 1.9.4

Oreo Tv Original Apk 1.9.3


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