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Opera Wallet: Review, Earn Free $3 Celo From Opera Crypto Wallet

Opera Crypto Wallet Airdrop

For some weeks now most people have been winning rewards from the opera shake and win program which then also bring us the Opera wallet that can help you earn free $3 Celo cryptocurrency. 

Celo is already a crypto fund which opera makes it official on their wallet as a reward for registration bonus which you can get as a new user. 

This seems to come about all because of the Opera wallet that has just announced all the leads to help people hold their crypto fund or cryptocurrency like bitcoin ethereum and so on and so forth. 

So in this article we are going to be looking into the crypto wallet together with how you can get the $3 Celo giveaway that has been attached to the wallet. 

But you should know that the cryptocurrency that is being granted as a giveaway is officially available on blockchain for trade which is called the Celo Chain. 

About Opera Wallet

The Opera wallet is just a crypto wallet that is being created by the Opera company that owns order APK like the Opera mini browser, operanews app,  Apex Sport App and so on and so forth. 

With the aim of getting more awareness about the Opera crypto wallet.

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they decide to launch a giveaway. We should get its users that participate on the giveaway free fund $3 Celo. 

This crypto wallet can also be used to hold your major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin ethereum and some other related crypto fund which you have out there. 

If you don’t know about crypto wallet before you can check out the article we have for you to hear about blockchain technology. 

And from there you should get to know more about cryptocurrency like bitcoin ethereum and others among the thousand cryptocurrency that we have out there. 

The Opera wallet makes something available that is called Opera Airdrop which is mostly done among most crypto wallet owner platforms. 

You should earn yourself free cryptocurrency from this opera and drop it if you actually participate and carry out some certain tax that is being said from the giveaway. 

Did you away is said to start or begin on December 1st and will possibly end December 8 2022 which $4,800 dollar of $Celo is said to be shared among 1,500 members. 

So if you wish to partake in the giveaway that has just been deported by opera wallet or April company then you should stick to the end of this article and grab what you actually need from it below. 

Opera Wallet Free $3 Celo Giveaway (Opera Airdrop)

You are going to be making use of the normal opera mini browser to get this opera wallet giveaway. 

You will need to register with your phone number that will allow you to be credited with $3 celo if you run it out at the time it needs to be done. 

Opera Crypto Wallet Airdrop

As we said earlier, The Celo Fund or Celo crypto fund has already been in the market in the form of Celo Chain. 

So once you get your own giveaway from the opera alert through the cryptocurrency you can now go ahead to trade it on any of the exchange platforms you know like Binance, Kucoin and others. 

So learn how you can register and get your own phones below by following up with the registration process. 

How To Open (Register) Opera Wallet & Get $3 Celo 

  1. What you need to do first is to get the opera mini browser on your mobile device. 
  2. That was what we used in the process of any opera shake & win contest. 
  3. We are going to be using such an application for the Opera crypto wallet. 
  4. So after you download or update the opera mini browser on your device. 
  5. Once you open the opera mini browser app on the main menu look for the Opera icon which can be seen in red icon. 
    Opera Wallet celo
  6. Click on the icon that is located at the right button of the app main menu. 
  7. From there you see the record of the option and select the option that is stated to be for the crypto wallet. 
  8. Then click on the ADD button you will need to add a crypto wallet to your opera mini browser. 
  9. After that you will need to copy the airdrop link which can be gotten from our telegram channel
  10. Make sure you paste the link on your own opera mini browser APK once you have had a crypto wallet. 
  11. After you copy the link and visit it from your opera mini browser APK scroll down below on the giveaway page. 
  12. Now tab on giveaway which is ongoing and is active for some moment or time. 
  13. You can also read about the giveaway policy or terms and conditions so as to know how you can enjoy getting your own $3 Celo Crypto funds. 
  14. After you click on a giveaway button then you will need to create a new crypto wallet. 
    Opera Wallet airdrop
  15. With the new opera crypto wallet that you are about to create can be completed by setting up a password for it and backing up your wallet key phrase to your Google Drive. 
  16. After that you can now think of claiming your attrition bonus which is the $3 celo. 
  17. For you to be able to claim the registration bonus or giveaway scroll down between the page and select the button connect opera wallet. 
  18. Make confirmation of it and apply security to eat through your phone fingerprint. 
  19. Then you will need to provide your phone number which you trigger to get a one-time password OTP for verification. 
  20. After you verify your phone number the $3 Celo should be added to your opera crypto wallet.
  21. You can see the Opera AirDrop that you just claimed by visiting your crypto wallet on the Opera Mini browser app. 
  22. That can be done by clicking on the Opera icon and selecting the crypto wallet button. 
Opera Wallet airdrop celo

After that you should not be thinking of how you can withdraw your opera celo free crypto giveaway from your opera crypto wallet. 

Note: there are specific amounts of the crypto fund Celo that are being shared between new users on a daily basis from December 1 to December 8, so make sure you register early so as to enjoy the opera airdrop (Celo) or give you away. 

How To Withdraw Opera Celo From Opera Crypto Wallet 

  • Your opera celo fund can be withdrawn from the opera crypto wallet by just going into your dashboard. 
  • And swipe to your last crypto wallet that contains the celo chain. 
  • Select the send button and enter the celo chain wallet you want to send to. 
  • Which you can send to your Binance exchange platform or kucoin. 
  • You can get the celo chain wallet address you want to send to from any of the crypro exchange platforms we listed below. 

That’s just how you can enjoy from the latest opera AirDrop (Opera Celo Airdrop) 

Video Guide on How To Get Opera Celo Airdrop Giveaway


Every information you got from this article is strictly for educational purposes for we are not in any way responsible for any related AirDrop or giveaway relating to this post. 


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  1. I have been trying to join the giveaway but is telling me that my phone number is associated with another account while I haven’t even join any of their giveaway before.

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