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Opera Mini Pay Review & How To Make Money From The Platform 

Opera MiniPay

Where is the review that you might have been searching for about Opera Mini Pay a particular app that serves you to carry out some kind of transaction which some people also refer to as Opera Minipay we are going to talk about the review and how you can start making money from the platform that has been powered by opera Mini. 

So if you are eager to know about some teachers on this opera mini platform which is called opera Mini pay then you have just landed yourself on the right page we are going to talk more about the platform how it operates likewise how you can start making money online or earn money from the platform. 

Opera MiniPay

Opera Mini pay is some cases can also be called Opera Minipay is one of the platforms that has been featured and just introduced by one of the African leading fintech and amazing brands called Opera. 

Which app does introduce one of the easy ways to help people make transactions in dollars by sending and receiving money as well. 

Their services help you to carry out any kind of money transaction in a street way with the help of their stablecoin wallet opera miniplay wallet. 

They have also built their particular blockchain that houses or features their own cryptocurrency, a stablecoin called Celo coin. 

It’s a coin that can help you to carry out transactions on the Mini pay app without any mod charges which is designed to operate on a blockchain that is called with a cold name CUSD. 

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In general, the Opera Mini pay that we have been making mention of as at when this article started is mostly called Minipay, a blockchain-based wallet that is designed to hold a stablecoin on its blockchain called Celo

It has been designed to be available on various Opera mini browser applications or any platform that supports the Opera mini browser it has been integrated into the browser so as to help you save, send, and receive your stablecoin. 

You may gain access to this blockchain via a mobile phone number that you have used to open or sign up on any Opera mini browser or Opera news app out there. 

The kind of service that you can just carry out on many Pay apps is to send money and receive cash in return via the Mini Pay wallet. 

Which has been saved and designed to be well secured with the help of blockchain technology using the Opera Mini local crypto stable currency celo. 

Now is the best time to learn some kind of features and some other things that you can do on this particular platform with the Opera Minipay that has already been integrated into opera mini browser apps. 

Basic Features Of Opera Mini Pay

Everything you need to do on Opera Mini pay can only be done on the Opera Minipay wallet which has been already integrated into various opera mini browsers some of the features that attach to the operations that you can carry out on this wallet include:

Making foreign currency transactions with the Opera Mini pay wallet with the help of stable coins without any breakthrough. 

Once you have successfully opened an account with your Google account and phone number you should be able to carry out different currency transactions on the Opera Minipay wallet. 

Money can be sent and received which can also be referred to as deposit and withdrawal using the peer-to-peer system that has also been integrated on the platform. 

Some of the peer-to-peer platforms that have been integrated with the Opera Mini pay wallet are Cashramp, PayChant, and others. 

You can also get your own unique referral link and use it to refer your friend on the platform so as to help you get a referral bonus and a welcome bonus. 

Withdrawal from this platform is straightforward without any stress and once you are much via the peer-to-peer P2P process you should get your money Land. 

Which transaction can be carried out on the platform from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on a daily basis. 

How To Gain Access To Opera MiniPay

Before you can gain access to the Opera Minipay platform or get your own value Opera Minute wallet you will need to register an account with them which is by creating an Opera Mini pay account using any various opera mini browser app

Then you will need to find the integrated section provided for the Opera Mini pay section and you can proceed to provide your Google account so as to make your key phrase attach with your wallet save. 

How To Create An Opera MiniPay Account 

All you need to do is to download the Opera mini browser app which can be done once you click here. 

After you have installed and downloaded or downloaded and installed the Opera mini browser to your device you can now proceed to set up your Mini pay account. 

That is the process you need to follow so as to create an Opera Minipay account using your phone number. 

What the phone number is provided you will be asked to link your Google account automatically so as to help you save your key phrase that will help you get an Opera Minipay wallet. 

After the registration is done you will be rewarded with $0.10 which is equivalent to 100 in naira currency. 

That is said to be a welcome bonus from getting the Opera Minipay wallet. 

You can now play around with the interface of the platform so as to know how to operate the folder. 

How To Make Use Of P2P Peer to Peer On MiniPay

Once you have created the Mini pay account and you have gained access to the main platform. 

Click on Add Cash and proceed to any partnered P2P platform that will recommend Cashramp. 

Proceed to enter the amount you want to add in dollars which should help you to match to pay a merchant. 

Then you will need to complete your transfer to the Merchant and click on I have made a payment which you should expect to be added to your Mini pay wallet balance. 

This is one of the ways that you can make use of the P2P many pay wallets by funding your wallet. 

You can make use of the withdrawal icon provided on the platform or on the wallet which you can also still make use of one of the P2P partnership platforms. 

So as to help you complete your withdrawal easily and straightforwardly. 

How To Make Money From Opera Mini Pay Referral Program 

Before you think of joining the referral program you should know that Opera Mini pay is $0.1 per referral that is per person unified to join the platform. 

So you can consider the amount you are getting once you bring people to their platform which might seem like a little to you but since you are not paying anything before you should you can carry out the process. 

Then you can just proceed to partake in the referral program since it’s kind of yielding something out of nothing. 

So still on the Mini pay platform or on your Mini pay wallet, you will see a section stated as inviting your friend option. 

Click on it copy your link and share it with your friend. Once I join the platform you will get $0.1 per person that joins using your referral link. 

Opera MiniPay Referral Program

That is just one of the ways that you can use to make money online from Opera Mini pay which week keep making an update on this article if you have another easy way that can get you paid from the platform. 


We have just come to the end of our reviews about the Opera Mini pay platform which has been powered and originally introduced by Opera. 

We’ve just been able to gather little information that we know about them and proceed to share with you which you can still go further and do your research on the platform before you carry out any transaction with them.