Nova v7.0.49 launcher prime unlocked [Latest 2021 apk]

Tired of your phone’s native launcher? Need a launcher you can customize and tweak just the way you want?. Nova launcher prime v7.0.49 is the right app for that. With its tons of customization options, it adds beauty to your android device and makes it more unique. Read through the article to know more about the app and how to install it.

Nova launcher prime

Nova launcher is an android launcher that allows extensive customization of the launcher, unlike the native launcher that allows few to no customization at all. Although Android devices improve their launchers constantly and hope to provide the best for their users, many still love to customize their launchers and phones to be just the way they want. Nova launcher has been a very useful tool in doing this over the years.

Nova launcher prime is a paid version of the nova launcher with more unlocked features, like having all ads removed.

Features of Nova launcher prime

Nova launcher has lots of exclusive features which will be explored below.

Highly customisable

The developers have really put a lot of effort into making this app top-notch. Users can customize the look of their mobile phones just the way they please, including colors, functions, and even the UI. They can be set to look just like your best os.

Wide range of themes.

Themes are more like presets, they change everything about the launcher. Although they can still be tweaked to march your style, they still consist some lots of really cool themes.

Personalize icons.

With this feature you can customize each app icon on your device, these icons are updated daily to keep up with the latest apps across platforms. You can edit your icons to look how you want them to be.

Night/Dark mode

The dark mode is now the new trend across mobile apps, every developer now integrates this option into their apps. Not just for fun or the cool looks, but rather for the protection of the user’s eyes during the night. The intensity of light is reduced to keep the eye stress-free. Nova launcher also has this option and can even be scheduled for automatic activation.

Organise apps

You can arrange categories of apps in a single folder to help your home screen looks more in order. 


Changing your phone? you can easily backup your Nova launcher app settings to your storage and restore them on your new device. This feature saves loads of time trying to set it back up the way you want it to be.


  1. Android version 5.0 and above.
  2. Internet connection for applying themes.

How to install Nova launcher prime

  • Download the app from the link provided below. 
  • Ensure your Android device is set to allow installation from an unknown source.
  • Locate the app from the file manager and install it.

Download links for Nova launcher prime.

Click the below button to download the Nova launcher prime app for free.

Additional information

App name Nova launcher prime
App size5MB
App versionv7.0.49
Supported deviceAndroid v5.0

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