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Notcoin Review – Earn By Tapping/Mining From This Ton Game

Notcoin Review

Have you ever experienced tapping on your device and at the same time that refers to mining if you have not experienced such then this particular coin called notcoin we help you achieve that. In this article, we will give you little you need to know about this particular coin which is why we nail it as Notcoin review. 

In some cases, it might be referred to as not a coin but a token that is called Notcoin which is more or less like its platform that has also been said aside to help you to play to end is a game or it should be called a fun game that will help you to end by just tapping on your phone. 

The smallest, like an ability to allow you to do nothing, play around, and help your ear at the end will like to dive into the major part of the article by answering the question which most people have been asking. 

What Is Notcoin? 

In a straightforward way Notcoin is a font tapping and mining game that requires no particular logic or no initial game payment mode or ability that has to do with nothing at all you need to do or all you need as a skill so as to help you get this coin is by tapping. 

You earn a reward called Notcoin when you are tapping on your phone. That seems amazing right, yes it’s 100% possible because Notcoin is a particular coin that has been designed to be available through the Tonblockchain. 

This may seem to be a new thing to you if you land yourself on this page then this should not be something new again because most crypto OGs, fathers, and graduates, women, newbies in the market have already been tapping aggressively and any already. 

You can also stand a chance to start tapping at this moment and earn yourself some coin or token in crypto called Notcoin powered by tonblockchain. 

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Won’t say much about this platform for we are just going to move straight to the point which is how you can earn or how you can earn by tapping and at the same time mining your own Notcoin. 

How To Join Notcoin To Start Mining By Tapping 

  • The first thing you need before you can think of joining this platform is a telegram account which can be gotten using the telegram app. 
  • So proceed to download a telegram application that should be available or that is available on the Play Store or app store. 
  • After that use a valid phone number to open a telegram account then you can proceed to the next step. 
  • Come back to this page and click here which dad should lead you straight to the notcoin bot. 
  • Then that’s all you will be prompted with the next step so as to start playing. 

Which oil do you need to play around with by tapping on the page that you see once you click on mine or playing on the Notcoin bot. 

Then you can keep tapping aggressively which are other ways that can also help you to earn more notcoin. 

It has also been brought to notice that Ton blockchain has been one of the blockchains that are focused on bringing a lot of members to Web 3 through the Telegram Chat app. 

Some of the aspects that are also added are true multiplayer games and inscription and other infrastructure all built on ton ecosystem. 

It has been mentioned on x one of the favorite social media platforms which most crypto Traders use to share their brokers that @durvo seems to be the founder of Notcoin. 

The major idea behind Notcoin is to basically onboard a lot of people who have been majorly understanding how web2 works to vent into the latest technology which is web3.

And to help them stretch their community with loyalty to the ton blockchain technology. 

Which is being achieved as of when this article was created and published. 

That has been achieved without any form of advertisement or marketing ads that have been attached to bring notice to their blockchain technology. 

How To Mine A lot Of Not coin 

If you wish to increase your earnings and you want to earn a lot of Notcoin or mine in a lot of Notcoin you have been one of those users who have joined at the early stage of the phase which is also known as be beta phase. 

The Early stage member that has been partaking in Notcoin mining aspect from the beginning of January 1st, 2024 today should have received at least 1 million worth of Notcoin. 

To earn more and to mine more of Notcoin one of the main tips is to enable boosters. 

Which boosters allow in mining rate and recharge speed and also make the energy level increase. 

How To Mine A lot Of Notcoin 

There are also some major tasks that you can do in the end section once you get to the main Notcoin page. 

And as well you can also boost your mining and also earn more Notcoin once you verify your friends or invite your friends to the platform using your referral link

You will get 100k Notcoin if you invite anybody or refer them. 

And if you are one of those premium telegram users you will get 300k Not coin. 

After that, some other things you need to do is to keep tapping like tap tap tap and keep any more Notcoin in this mining stage. 

How To Boost Mining Of Notcoin 

You can boost your mining or Notcoin by purchasing a tap bot

The tap bot is capable of helping you to mine up to 300k Notcoin in 10 hours. 

And you can get the tap bot for 20K Notcoin. 

That can be activated once you click on boost on the Notcoin mining page. 

How To Boost Mining Of Notcoin 

The 11 of mining as you keep mining will click increasing from Bronze, silver, gold to platinum, and so on. 

This particular mining aspect is like an AirDrop task that should be performed majorly hourly daily and casually that help you stand a chance to end free money and to make money online for free latest in 2024.

You can check out the not coin official page on X @thenotcoin see you in the next update.