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Myth or Fact: New WhatsApp Features Extract Face, Finger Print I’D

Does The New WhatsApp Security Features Extract Your Face And Finger Print I’D? Answer:

WhatsApp just made and official announcement that they will start Rolling out there new security features which catch most people attention because it’s said to be security features that involve face I’d unlock mod and fingerprints security features that’s makes most people to oppose WhatsApp that they will start extract there face ID and fingerprint from the latest features they said they will start rolling out. 


This brought a lot of commotion on twitter which they first placed the announcement on that involved conversation to WhatsApp twitter handle official which was trying to let them understand that nothing like extraction of face I’d and finger information because it’s just added for more security purposes and no one is trying to deal with their Information. 


This might have led to some reason for the new policy which WhatsApp officially made strict to people that brought some commotion between the end to end social media platforms WhatsApp and other end to end social media like telegram, signal app as suggested and other’s. 


We go ahead to fetch out some conversation of this new WhatsApp security update. Which is for face ID and finger print. 

Some reply after they placed the announcement. 

And also their main info page later let everyone know  that no one will tamper with their information such as the fingerprint and face I’d that people claim it will be extracted by WhatsApp lol a lot of controversial speed on twitter. 

This latest WhatsApp feature is said to be available for both WhatsApp web and desktop version which will allow you to get security features for face ID and fingerprint. 


It’s said to be for synchronization purposes when you try to log-in your WhatsApp on the web for the PC and  desktops version for the same Computer. 


It will still be better to know how you can login your WhatsApp on the web or desktop if you don’t know you should view this article here or follow the below steps or procedures. 


How To Login To WhatsApp Web And Check The New WhatsApp Security Features 

  • After you have downloaded the whatsapp for desktop. Or
  • Visit the WhatsApp web by clicking here you will be provided with a page. 
  • A page which contains a QR code both for the whatsapp web and desktop. 
  • You will need to scan the code with your android or iphone WhatsApp for you to log-in. 
  • Now go-to your WhatsApp on your android or iphone and locate the there dot on the top right of your WhatsApp. 
  • Find the option menu name WhatsApp web. Click and follow the prompt page. 
  •  Go ahead and scan the QR Code on your Pc then it will log you in on your PC. 
  • Make sure your mobile has an active data connection and your pc before you carry this out. 

Seems after you’ve login you will be able to see the latest WhatsApp security features which enables face ID and fingerprint verification. 

You also logout from the WhatsApp web if you feel you don’t need it again using the logout button on the phone WhatsApp web setting or use the logout button on your pc WhatsApp web or desktops which can be found on the option menu of both WhatsApp versions. 


According to the tweet by Webinfo

Which entails that they use system APIs for the biometric captured both for the face ID and fingerprint so is not possible to capture once data which are most things lor by most people and what they found of saying due to the privacy updates by WhatsApp as of being of this month 2021. Which was firstly announced in late 2020.


 According to the Information we gather on this article, hope you are confused that WhatsApp has nothing to do with your information pertaining to biometric capture? 


Let us know your observation about this in the comment section. Say out your mind. 


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