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Netflix Subscription Price In Nigeria 2023 (Price & Plan) 

Netflix Subscription Price In Nigeria 2023

You are one of the people that love streaming, especially on one of the popular platforms called Netflix and you don’t know how you can get it, then with the help of this Netflix subscription price in Nigeria 2023.

You should be able to get the Netflix premium plan activated for yourself with the price list we are about to mention below to follow up with the plan.

With the aid at which technology is going on a daily basis streaming has now been one of the favorite parts of most people you will see or find them doing that’s why I will come about the platform called Netflix. 

Which is one of the most popular streaming platforms out there you can stream different kinds of series or TV shows on their platform once you get activated on their premium package. 

About Netflix 

Netflix is just a streaming platform where you can gain access to thousands of movie tv shows and series movies that have been provided by the platform. 

It’s one of the popular companies in Nigeria which render most people with different ways and options that can be used to stream movies online and also download for offline purposes. 

With the love that most people have for it then I’ll find it in such a way that they will like to know about the Netflix subscription or how they can get access to the Netflix Premium package or plan. 

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So with the guy, we are about to share in this article we will be looking into some of the Netflix subscription prices following up with the plan in Price. 

Netflix Subscription Price In Nigeria 2023

Netflix seems to have a different kind of subscription price that has been given to their users in Nigeria which makes that come about the Netflix plan. 

There are some major Netflix premium plans or plans that you need to know about which determine the amount you will be subscribing to four different Netflix plans. 

So you will need to know about them first before you can determine the subscription for each and every one of the Netflix plans that you can get in Nigeria. 

Netflix Plans & Price 2023

  1. Firstly we have the Netflix mobile plan which has a subscription price of N1,200.
  2. The range of others Netflix also comes with the basic plan which can be gotten at the Netflix subscription price of N2,900.
  3. After that, you cannot look into the N3,600 plan that is stated to be the standard plan. 
  4. And lastly, we have the Netflix premium plan that goes for just 4,400 in Nigerian currency. 
MobileN1,200 ($2.7)
BasicN2,900 ($5.9)
StandardN3,600 ($6.7)
Premium N4,400 ($9.2)

Those are just the plan and subscription prices that Netflix provides for their users around the Naija nation. What most people would also like to know about the plan is. 

Every plan comes with some terms and conditions which make it available for how many devices it can be connected to and how many people can make use of any plan once it is subscribed to. 

That’s one of the things that Netflix added to every appropriate plan you can find on the list that we mentioned above. 

So if you like to know about or get more info about every plan then stick to the end of this article for it to be more entertaining. 

Netflix Subscription Price & Plan Terms 2023

We are going to be talking about telling him that Netflix added to all of their major plans which you should also get to know about the features or basic features you will see on every plan respectively. 

The Netflix Mobile Plan

As the name implies is a plan that is designed only for mobile devices which you can get for a slow rate of 1,200.

You will be restricted with some other features that other plans act like getting connected to your TV no you can’t do that with this plan. 

You will be able to connect it to just your smartphone device like Android or tablet and other related iOS devices. 

The premier features of this Netflix plan the stated below which you can make use of this Netflix package to watch movies on your personal computer or laptop. 

Basic Features Of Netflix Mobile Plan

  • It’s quite affordable at just N1,200.
  • Can be watched on Just one device at once 
  • The download features can be gotten on just one device. 
  • Apart from the device features that you might not get you will get to enjoy all the unlimited movies and TV shows has other plans. 
  • You won’t be able to watch Netflix on your TV or personal computer. 
  • Your smartphone device and tablet can be used to watch Netflix in any way you want. 
  • You should also get a high-quality display of up to 480p respectively. 
  • The 1,200 subscription plan is just for one month. 
Netflix subscription price on tablet

The Netflix Basic Plan

This Netflix subscription plan is called the basic plan and is the second cheapest and most affordable Netflix plan that you can subscribe to. 

It’s one of the plans that come with a Netflix subscription price of 2,900 in Nigerian currency which makes it appear to be affordable or cheap. 

It has some other related features with the mobile plan which come with their own terms and has been added by Netflix. 

In the mobile plan, you won’t be able to stream Netflix on your laptop or TV but with this basic plan or subscription plan, you will be able to make use of Netflix on your computer and TV. 

For this is just the major difference you should find between the mobile and basic Netflix plans. 

Features Of the Netflix Basis Plan

  • Can be gotten for as low as 2900 naira. 
  • Also allows its customers to stream on one device at a time. 
  • Download features are added for just one device. 
  • Netflix can be watched on your TV or computer if you activate this plan. 
  • This net please subscription allows you to watch unlimited movies and TV shows. 
  • Has the same resolution as the mobile plan. 

The Netflix Standard Plan

This natural subscription plan is where things get kind of different that starting from the price and other features added to it. 

In times of tension or limitation, it has much more things added to it compared to other plans. 

For you should know that something that you paid a higher price for children that you read is what you need. 

Apart from streaming with more than one device, you should get a better resolution on the Netflix standard plan that also allows it to watch movies at a faster speed compared with all the plans. 

Since you are getting this subscription plan for 3,600 in price then it’ll be better if you know the kind of features Netflix added to the plan. 

Features Of Standard Netflix Subscription Plan & Price

  • Mine seems to be costly at the rate of 3,600.
  • Allows more than two devices to stream at a time. 
  • The download feature is added or provided for two devices on the Netflix standard plan. 
  • This Netflix subscription price allows you to also watch unlimited movies and TV shows. 
  • Availability to be able to use it on your TV or computer. 
  • Yeah, you should get a better resolution of 1080p. 
  • All subscriptions end every mood for one month. 
Netflix Subscription Price & Plan

The Netflix Premium Plan

This Netflix subscription price and plan in Nigeria is where Netflix gives it all, as the name implies Netley premium plan which comes with almost every feature you would like to have on your Netflix package. 

Apart from an increase in major devices that you can connect to using the Netflix subscription plan you should be able to get higher resolution with faster speed in connecting. 

  • You will get to connect to any kind of device you like at any moment you want. 
  • The Netflix premium package comes with some amazing features which we are going to be listing below. 
  • Features Of Premium Netflix Subscription Price & Plan 
  • The price is higher and you can get it for 4,400.
  • The number of devices that can watch or stream movies at a time has increased to four. 
  • Download access will be granted or is granted to four devices. 
  • All the pictures you will see on all that plans are available on this Netflix premium plan. 
  • Best quality display resolution of 4K+.
  • Come with a normal renewable one-month subscription plan at the same price. 

Final Say

We have provided some knowledge we have about the Netflix subscription price & plan in Nigeria, you can also provide any kind of knowledge you have about the plan and price in the comment section if you have any.  Our Telegram channel is open for fast updates

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