Netflix now allows HDR support for the pixel 5a and pixel 6 series

Netflix hdr support pixel 6, 5

Netflix usually adds HDR support to devices shortly after their release, but that is not the case for Google Pixel 5a, 6 and 6 pro. But recently, Netflix allows for HDR support on these pixels. But then, no Tensor support for HDR?

Netflix now allows HDR support for the pixel 5a and pixel 6 series.

With Google adding HDR support to mobile devices these days, you don’t only get the HDR experience on your big TV screen or your pc. You can also have the same experience on your mobile phones these days as long as the chipset is supported by Netflix. Netflix as we all know is a video streaming service and formerly for movie rentals. Over the years they’ve emerged from providing blockbuster movies to producing their own movies. Netflix comes with some subscription packages that can be nothing but a token to others while others can simply afford it. To me, I say the subscription is totally worth it as you get to see exclusive movies in high definition. These days, you also get to see movies with HDR.

Netflix hdr for pixel phone

Talking about HDR, it’s just an acronym for High Dynamic Range. Meaning the video has a very detailed quality, almost every single detail in the video can be seen, even from a far distance. Technology is now well advanced to the level that even a mobile phone’s camera can take pictures and videos in a high dynamic range.

Initially, HDR was only available to some certain TVs but eventually began to evolve to even smaller screens and now your mobile phone. Netflix didn’t waste time as it integrated the HDR support to its service. You can stream Netflix content with HDR on. Netflix also tests to see if some certain chipset will smoothly play with the HDR function before granting them access to use the feature. 

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Google Pixel 6 was very well expected to quickly get the HDR support to the device, but unfortunately, Netflix delayed. Very recently, the support for HDR on pixel 5a, 6, and 6 pros was allowed by Netflix. However, some Pixel 6 users complain of not experiencing any difference even with the HDR support. It was also noticed that Google’s Tenor chipset is not yet supported for HDR by Netflix but with the 5G network support and smooth Android OS, it can do very well with the HDR.

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