My Daily Cash: Earn Free PayPal Money By Doing Some Easy Task

My Daily Cash

If you have been looking for ways that you can use to make money online in 2022 then this platform that we are about to talk about right now my daily cash is one of the platforms that you can use to make free PayPal money online by just doing some simple tasks on a casual basis. 

As you all know there are simple ways or some easy ways that you can use to earn money online which will make you get paid directly or make you earn PayPal money into your PayPal account such as taking surveys to form from some tops of a platform that you can redeem points to earn money, With the help of Mydaily cash app she will get to earn money from $2 up to $500 or more when you follow up with this article to the end. 

My Daily Cash

Actually, this particular platform has been available for quite a long time it is called my daily cash that operates with the help of its mobile app which allows users to make money online and get paid through PayPal money or PayPal cash that you can convert to your own actual money. 

The platform will offer you some easy tasks which way letter and you some points and you can convert those points to the money record in Paypal that you can later use to withdraw from mydaily cash app. 

The platform has been in existence for quite a long time and it says to control by Win Glory International Limited the only payment method available on this platform is Paypal that’s why I will go directly to the ways that you can use to earn money online or ways that you can use to make Paypal money for free online. 

By following you completely with this article you will get to learn how you can make free PayPal money online now let’s get straight to the point. 

How to join my daily cash app

As we said earlier, this platform my Daily Cash makes use of its mobile app to operate which first thing you will need is the mobile app that you can get from the Play Store because without the app you can’t be a member of the platform so follow up below to know how you can get the app. 

Download my daily cash app

If you need my daily cash APK you will need to make use of a third-party website to download the app but if you don’t need the APK then you can go straight to your Android phone Google Play store and search for my daily cash. 

From there you will be provided with the app which you can now click on the install button to make it install on your device. 

Once it is installed you cannot go ahead with the registration process or if you download the APK of my daily cash after a tattoo that is fully downloaded you cannot go to the download page and click on the app for it to install.

App name My Daily Cash
Download Size7MB
Latest UpdatedToday
Referral Code594504
TypeFree PayPal Money

Download Here

How to sign up on my daily cash app

  1. After you download the app and install it to your device, open it. 
  2. And the first thing you will be welcomed with is a welcome message about how the app is operated you can click on the next page. 
  3. The next page says you will be asked to provide your phone number and wait in your phone number and country code. 
  4. B o provider phone number followed by your referral code which should be 594504 provide a code on the appropriate box. 
  5. Now you cannot click on the mouse button that is stated to be receiving a bonus now. 
  6. Once you click on the button you will be sent an OTP to the phone number you just provided and check your SMS box for the OTP code. 
  7. Enter the OTP code on the box that is provided for it and click on verify. 

You are successfully signed up on my daily cash app which you cannot go ahead to carry out some simple tasks on the up and yourself some Paypal money or and yourself some point that can later be converted to Paypal money don’t forget wherever you see a place that you are asked for a referral code it should be 594504.

How to log in to my daily cash app

In some cases you might forget to log in or you just sign out all you have to do is to provide the phone number that you used to register earlier. 

Alongside an OTP will be sent to the phone number again you can go ahead to provide the OTP immediately and you will get back your my daily cash account with you just registering earlier. 

How to make money online from my daily cash app

This is what most people will love to hear about this article or about this platform. There are several ways that you can use to make money on this platform. The main gym has just two. 

The first one is to earn some points through referral which is what we know as refer and earn. 

The second one is by carrying out some tasks that are provided on the app. My daily cash will be sending you any kind of tasks that you need to carry out on the app on a casual basis so as to earn yourself some points that can later be converted back to PayPal cash. 

How to earn free PayPal money on my daily cash app by doing some task

Once you log into the app or once after you log in to my daily Cash account you will be redirected to your actual account which you will see on the dashboard the kind of tasks that are attached to your account. 

Every task is labeled with the amount of coin or point that you will earn which one should carry out the points will be added to your account. Some kind of thought that you might see on my daily cash app is by reviewing some app download app or carrying out some simple survey

For example, if your account is attached with a task that is labeled With the reward of 30 coins or point and you click on it immediately when you are able to complete the said task then the task coin will be added to your account which will be stated as a credit to be converted to Paypal money. 

What you need to know about my daily cash app referral program

It was stated that once you log in on the top bar of the main menu of my daily cash app you will get to share 20 credits or 20 coins once you successfully share the app with your friends and get them to sign up on the app just like that. 

my daily cash referral code 2022

My daily cash app referral program works in such a way that you tell your friends about Mydaily cash app and if they successfully sign in to the app then you will get yourself 20 coins and 20 coins are equivalent to $0.2 dollars and 100 coins is equivalent to $1 respectively. 

How to get my daily cash referral code

Once you get signed in to the app you will see at the top bar of the main menu the world stated as “share the app and get for every user who signed up +20 credits” once you click on the search bar or on the interface of the notification. 

my daily cash referral code

Will be redirected to a place for you to share your referral code and download link with your friends through the SMS or social media platform or any ways that you will like to share the message to your friends or to the person you want to refer. 

Once you select the way that you would like to share it from there you will see your referral code follow up with the download link and you can now use the code something like 594504 and the place you’re downloading from the app to share with your friends that you would like them to join the platform. 

There is also a signup bonus on registration bonus that has been attached to every particular new account that just signs in to my daily cash app so read through below on how you can get your own sign-up bonus. 

How to claim my daily cash signup bonus

my daily cash sign-up bonus that is also known to be a registration bonus can be gotten once you provide a valid referral code during the registration process so once you provide the code 594504 for your referral code you will immediately get your own my daily cash app registration bonus straight into your account. 

How to withdraw on my daily cash app

Before you are able to withdraw my daily cash, you will need to provide a valid PayPal account that can send and receive money with your Paypal ID which is said to be an email that is used to register such a PayPal account. 

But you can withdraw by using the Euro sign button that you can find below the tab of the app, once you click on it and you have reached the minimum withdrawal then you can click on the get money button that will lead the way for your money to be sent to the PayPal ID you provide learn how you can add your PayPal ID to my daily cash below. 

How to add Paypal ID to my daily cash app

Open the account on your account click on the settings icon select your PayPal account and input the Paypal ID that we like to use to withdraw your money on my daily cash. 

my daily cash legit or scam

What is the minimum withdrawal for my daily cash?

When this article was linked to this article was made the minimum withdrawal from my daily Cash I have is $2 once you reach the minimum withdrawal of 200 coins or more you will be able to withdraw on my daily cash using the PayPal account that you provide above or linked. 

The nearest food for my daily cash may increase the minimum withdrawal due to withdrawal being requested from the platform. 

Video Guide 

My daily cash app for iPhone

As of when this article was made there is no specific version on Spotify version that is designed for iPhone users or iOS version users so if you like to partake or join this platform you can ask well go ahead to use an Android device to download the app and get it signed in on the same device.

Withdrawal proof

But we go ahead to make the article we have received some drama from the platform which will be like to Showcase them below so as to know how this platform operates which are legit. 

My Daily Cash withdrawal
My Daily Cash withdrawal proof

Final say

My daily cash app is one of the largest platforms out there that you can use to make money online such as getting yourself to earn free PayPal money and more we have stated every particular detail that you need to know about them above but you can get to know more about this platform mydaily cash app once you download sign up and also be a member of the platform yourself. 


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