How To Generate Mtn Promo Code And Get Unlimited Mtn Data


Lol someone call this time to blast mtn sorry we are not the one that said so, and if you have the mtn promo bonus before then this will help you to extend the data durability or validity. Which you can use the method we are about to share with you now to generate mtn promo code and get the promo bonus reward just like the old one that gives mtn 2GB promo bonus data and seems to be accumulated.

You know earlier just a promo code was gotten to get the 2GB promo bonus rewards and accumulate but this is different any mtn promo code that you generate will be used by just a person and you can use it to get yourself any amount of data that’s why it’s called unlimited data let’s get in to. 

How To Generate Mtn Promo Code 

There is a promo code generator app by the compiler which helps you to generate promo code and send the code to 460 for you automatically. Yes you are eager to get the app right don’t panic we will share the app with you for you can use the download button below to download the app. 

The app will keep generating the promo code and sending it at the same time for you so as to know the one that is valid for use once you get the valid one you will see the message and you will be given mtn 1.5GB repeatedly as you keep getting a valid mtn promo code used to redeem the promo bonus to get unlimited data. 

How To Get Mtn Unlimited Data With The Mtn Promo Code Generator

  1. Use the download link below to download the app (Mtn promo code generator by compiler).
  2. Once you download it, open it before you proceed to do anything. 
  3. Make sure you’ve enabled the sim you want to use as default message. 
  4. Then go back to the app and click on start and select the option always allow option. Mtn promo code generator
  5. Now leave the app to start generating and sending the messages for you automatically within 2 sec. 
  6. That all you will keep receiving messages about an invalid and valid promo code from your sms center. 

Note: you won’t or you might not get a valid promo code on time it’s just like luck. Once you start the app you just have to minimize the app down if your app supports minimize and working in background mode and keep generating plus sending using the app. And the app is not available for iOS users and android users only. 

Disclaimer: we have zero knowledge about the app or how it’s come into existence, so if you wish to make use of the app it’s at your own risk no one is forcing you to make use of the app for its just want to recover on the internet and share in the same direction.


Below are some proofs that show that the app is working and generating valid promo code for some users. 

Prove Of Mtn Promo Code Generator Working 

Mtn promo code free data
Mtn promo bonus
Mtn promo code generator unlimited data

PROMO code Coupon Gen (Version 0.3) by compiler


How many GB have you gotten? 

Use the app to lay down your testimony so that others know what is going on and join our telegram channel for related updates. 


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