Mtn Free Data – Get Mtn Mpulse 500MB For Free Daily


Mtn mpulse is said to be a sub plan or sub tariff plan of Mtn pulse which is mainly designed for kids, Amateur students and more but mostly everyone is still. Eligible to make use of the plan for good, so the plan now attaches with mtn free data of recently which is mtn mpulse 500MB or mtn mpulse free 500MB data that can be gotten on a daily basis for good.


Mtn still trying their possible best to help us fight the covid 19 pandemic in the nation so that choose to invite new free data plan that people as in kids can use to study online for free which is called Government e-learning that some site are specifically designed to study on for kids range from 6-17 list and now you can now access the site with the free 500mb for mtn mpulse users only.



The main part is to let you guys know how you can get this free mtn data on a daily basis as was said so that you too can enjoy the mtn mpulse 500mb data for free on daily basis and that you will use to browse all app on your mobile devices either pc, iOS or android device.


According To Mtn On there Social Media Page

Mtn mpulse 500MB data conversation on twitter

Which you also have seen clearly now that the data is for free and is available to all mtn user’s that are on mtn mpulse plan, mtn really dishing out the data to help us learn online lol yea we should move to the next process.


How To Get Mtn Mpulse 500MB Mtn Free Data

  1. As we said earlier, mtn pulse and mtn mpulse is two different things which you will need to migrate to mtn mpulse before you are able to get the free 500mb on a daily basis.
  2. To migrate to mtn mpulse and get full details on how the plan works before you migrate simply visit here.
  3. And if you still feel like you want to migrate to the plan directly without getting any other info dial the following code.
  4.   *344*1# Then enter the code and dial and you will be asked to migrate to the plan.
  5. Make selection on option one and migrate to the plan.
  6. You can also send an Sms on you by sending Mpluse to 131 and a message will prompt for the migration process.
  7. Then you have successfully migrated to mtn mpulse what else now is to know how you can activate the free data deal on your line.


Follow below steps to know how you can get the daily data deal on your line and move on.

How To Activate Mtn Mpulse Free 500MB Daily Free Data Deal


When you have migrated to the Mpulse plan to activate the mtn mpulse 500MB.

Always visit any of the government e-learning sites to get the free 500MB activated on your line.

Government e-learning site for mtn mpluse 500mb free data

As stated above you can only get the free data when you visit the sites stated above.

And that’s just the only process to activate the free data on your mtn line via mtn mpulse plan or tariff plan.

According to the info we provide above its seems the data can only power the government e-learning site which is being designed to learn to get knowledge but as you all know we always find a way to browse with it’s and power all our apps that’s what we good at to grant you guys free browsing cheat, tweak and tweaks.

So let’s talk about how you can make this free 500mb data to work with all your apps.

How To Power Up Mtn Mpulse 500MB Free Data With VPN

Normally we use several VPN like Http injector, Tweakware, TSL tunnel VPN, Ec Tunnel VPN and more to power up any of the mb or tweak online.

We still find a way to power up the mpulse 500mb with some of the above VPN.

Actually this data deal was just announced recently and mtn are just dishing out the free data.

As of yesterday I am not mistaken so we are still working on something to make us use the 500mb with all our apps on the mobile phone.

So what you have to do is to stay tuned for updates and we will get back to you with some favourable for you all.

Alitech and his team are strictly working on how to get the 500mb free data from mtn work for all apps.



The free data is strictly for learning as mtn said and they are giving it out for free and it works for some specific sites.


We chose to make an update of the data deal so that you can know what is going on out there.


Undo we will still find a way to make the data work for all sites and apps on your mobile with the help of some VPN.


For now we just bring the free data to your notice that all. So enjoy the mtn free data for now with the site that. It’s work for now and make your kids learn from those sites. For free with the free data on the government e-learning site.

Join our telegram channel to get updates about this data deal on how it can work for all your apps. Stay tuned to Alitech blog.



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